Three Months - On Top of the World

*Written September 5th, 2013*

Today is officially three months since we signed the divorce papers.

It is BEYOND my comprehension how time flew by and I seemed to miss it these past few months, but all I know is that I'm still alive and I've got big dreams exploding out of my brain at all times. So I guess we can call that a win?

What's been happening in my life since June 5th?

*I've been spoiling Chevy like crazy.

*I've been eating copious amounts of Jimmy John's.

*I completed 2 more online classes towards an office administration certification.

*I worked 2 months at a nannying job for 3 older kids. My easiest nanny gig to date.

*I FINALLY received my Starbucks gold card…6 months late.

*I finished all 10 seasons of Friends and bawled like a baby. Divorce emotions or not, the ending was crocodile tear worthy.

*We got some crazy ass storms in C-U. Some of which J decided to bike through.

*I went to the Q87.7 PIQNIQ in Tinley Park with J, my cousin Rebekah, and her husband, Scott. Twenty One Pilots and Awolnation were fantastic.

*I took my first ever bubble bath of my adult life. It was magical.

*J's grandfather died. His funeral was also the last Nix family gathering I will ever attend.

*I got another tattoo (and will be getting #3 next weekend!).

*I packed up the apartment and my parents took the majority of it home with them the third weekend of July.

*I created an online dating profile. It felt like the right time. More on this later.

*I officially moved back in with my parents. If you want to know what hell feels like, try sharing a kitchen with your mother.

*My parents, my friend Kyle, and my best friend's mom, and myself had a 2 weekend marathon garage sale.

*I spent a much needed weekend away in Michigan. *sigh* My happy place.

*I drank more than I ever have in an attempt to celebrate my new life. I'm happy to report that I did not get sick, make out with any creeps, or even have a hangover. You can go ahead and hate me now. I guess I'm not as old as my body feels.

In the midst of all of this craziness, I've been consistently at an 85% on the happiness scale. For being three months post-divorce I've surprised even myself by feeling on top of the world. I'm owning more big dreams now than I ever have and I can't wait to see where my passion takes me. I've still got quite a ways to go, but forward motion and I are besties.

2013 is just now starting for me. And it's going to be my best year yet.


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