Why I'm Not Changing My Name

Many people have asked me if I'll be changing my name back now that we're divorced. The answer: nope!

Going back to my maiden name would be like taking a step backwards. I'm not that girl anymore. When I was Meagan Veeninga, I was just a girl, a little kid.

I'm a woman now. I gave up my old self and became a different person with a new name. No one knows me as Meagan Veeninga anymore (with the exception of the class of losers I graduated with, myself included). You can't go back. You can only move forward. My name doesn't define me, but it has changed me.

I'm legally Meagan Nixdorf, but that doesn't mean I'm still married. It also doesn't mean that I'm still "hooked on Joshua" and holding on to the last shred of our marriage through keeping the last name, as some people have insinuated. The process I would have to go through to reverse the name change is too exhausting and too expensive and too time intensive to make it worth it. Why torture myself when I've got bigger fish to fry?

If someday down the road I get remarried (which I hope I do when the time and the man are right), I'll go through the name change process. I'll take Mr. Right's last name and start the next chapter in my crazy, awesome life.


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