Oh. You thought that was rock bottom?

Just when I think there's more pain and loss than I can handle, The Universe throws me yet another curve ball. 

I've experienced too much. If only you knew (and yes, I'm throwing myself a big ol' pity party). I wish I could draw the line and tell life to back off. Unfortunately, that's not how it works. 

In my 22 short years, I figured I'd been through enough. But every time I get enough hope to stand up again, every time I think I can finally breathe again, I get kicked in the gut. Down for the count. 

So, on top of the pile of crap that is my life at the moment, it was only a matter of time before the cherry on top arrived. 

Enter: "We're firing you by email, effective immediately, because your divorce situation worries us even though you've been nothing but professional and loving to our children."

Yup. You read that correctly. I've been fired. 

I gave up my afternoon job so that I could work full-time for my morning employers over the summer. That job was supposed to get me through the summer and allow me to build up a teensy bit of savings before moving home in August. And not two weeks before I start there full-time they fire me over  email, leaving me unemployed. 

Just when I had come to terms with my impending divorce, just when I had started to get my head together, I get another bomb dropped on me. 

No better time than the present to start cleaning up the wreckage, right?


Erinn C.D. said...

:( This is really shitty! I would be so mad at them for this. Like, call them up to tell them how ridiculous they are. They couldn't even give you a face to face conversation or even a phone call?!!? I hate to say that it's probably a good thing you aren't working for them anymore since they totally left you high and dry. Assholes.
Sorry...i just got really angry about this and it's not even happening to me :(

Anonymous said...

Fuck Them!

Taylor @ DearOlympia.com said...

Firing by email? Cowardly and unprofessional! I'm so sorry this sucky thing happened to you!

Clare said...

I'm so sorry Meagan!! Getting fired is awful, but know that it can lead to places you'd never thought you'd be. Sometimes a blessing in disguise. Obviously you're too good for them so you'll be better off. My suggestion is to contact temp agencies to see if you can at least start making money. Things will work themselves out. Best of luck to you!!

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