Happy Belated Unofficial!

Happy belated Unofficial St. Patrick's Day! 

Around these parts, the students take the Friday before St. Patrick's Day preeeeetty seriously. How seriously, you ask? 

Let's just say they've created a holiday dedicated to it - Unofficial.

The students start drinking the night before and most don't stop until 36 hours later, early Saturday morning. Green beer, green shots, drinking challenges, vomit-filled bus rides, and far too many drunken mistakes are involved. We even saw quite a few ambulances, no doubt carrying students who were binge drinking, dehydrated, or just plain stupid (i.e. jumping off balconies). While there were a few scary/disgusting scenes on campus last night, most of it was just harmless, college fun. We even attempted to participate! 

A friend of ours was hosting an Unofficial "pit stop" (where you buy a cup in the morning and can stop in for unlimited drinks throughout the day) and we decided to stop by after Josh got off work...at a reasonable drinking hour. ;) So we parked the car and walked a mile in the freezing cold to the bus stop. The bus was filled with obnoxiously loud students, which I would normally complain about, but considering the occasion I chalked it up to good ol' college experiences. When we got to our friend's place, the keg and vodka bottles were empty as everyone else had been partaking since the wee hours of the morning, but it was funny to see friends in a different...state...if you will. :) 

After realizing there was no alcohol left to be had, we headed down the street to Fat Sandwich Co. for some late night grub. I didn't have the stomach to down one of their signature monstrous sandwiches and opted for chicken tenders instead, but sometime I think we'll go back just to say we tried. :) 

Their signature Big Fat Ugly (photo credit) Wanna know what's in it? Click here.  But I'm warning you...it's not pretty. 
We walked around Green Street (where all the action happens on campus) for a while to take in the "sights" then decided to head home and have our own Unofficial celebration...because we're old folks who can't handle the bar scene. Ha! So we took the bus back to where we got on and discussed how there are hardly any cabs in Champaign-Urbana. Not even two seconds later, Josh turns his head and says, "Hey! Is that a cab?!?" and because it was 12 degrees and snowing I immediately started jumping up and down (because I have no idea how to hail a cab) and we hopped in.

After we got to our car and stopped by the store to stock up on booze, we jumped into TV drinking games. Duh! Because we're TV junkies. Playing the Parks & Recreation and Arrested Development versions (with a few added drink rules of our own) proved to be pretty intense. Four episodes later, we were sufficiently plastered and headed to bed at one in the morning. 

I guess we aren't as "old" as we thought! 

Happy Unofficial, Illini! 


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