PDY 2013 - Week Two


If a brand new friend asked your mother, significant other, or best friend, "What does Sally like? Who is Sally? Tell me more about her," what do you think they'd say? Wouldn't it be interesting to get to know yourself from someone else's perspective? Next time you're working out a problem or picking something out at the store, be nerdy dig a little deeper and ask yourself a simple question - what makes me think this way or why do I like this?

This week (and the purpose of this year-long project) I focused on getting to know myself - who I am and why I am that person. And it was great timing because about 2 weeks ago there was a slew of Instagram screenshots of people's ArchetypeMe results and I, of course, joined in on the fun.

My results. I'd say it was pretty spot-on. 

ArchetypeMe is one of those basic, run of the mill personality quizzes you see everywhere online...or so I thought! The first part is just that...basic. But after you take the quiz you're directed to a webpage geared towards your specific archetype! There are articles, pictures, polls, and more. Fun stuff, huh?

It's an entertaining site, but it's interesting to see how well (or how poorly) the content pulls you in, based on your strongest archetype. Check it out here!

Another great way to get to know yourself? Date yourself!

I ran across a little article on Shape Magazine's Twitter this week and thought, "You know what? Yes! I'm going to date myself!" Noooooo, this does not make me a sad woman who goes to the movies alone because I have no one to go with me. You need to "date" yourself for the same reason you'd date a new crush - to get to know yourself better. This also ties into my goal to be more independent, as I've never been to the movies or gone out to eat (not the drive thru!) all by myself like a big girl. *gasp!*

*I'm not answering any questions this week, as I was a slacker and focused on other things this week. But make "dating yourself" a priority this week. Do something you love all on your own. You'll be amazed by how liberated you feel!*


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