PDY 2013 - Week Three

What is something off of my "Do You" list that I attempted this week?

A. Number 2 - Make fitness a hobby! Still loving the Kinect! This week I played Dance Central 2 on fitness mode. I love exercising when it feels like fun.
Number 6 - Get a hair cut! I have yet to get a mani/pedi, but money's been tight so I'm waiting until later. But that hair cut? Necessary!

Number 7 - Read books! Marriage books up the wazoo, baby.
Number 11 - Attend one-on-one therapy! If you don't have a personal therapist, I'd highly recommend that you find one. Especially if you're going through major life events or have anxiety like I do.
Number 12 - Go places/do things solo! Josh had a midterm Wednesday night, so I spent the evening at the library...reading in a quiet corner in a comfy chair. :)

What did I do this week to indulge in my passions?
A. I spent a significant amount of time cooking this week. More than usual. It's a sickness.

What did I learn about myself this week?
A. I learned that my "old self" was ugly on the inside and I am seriously ashamed and embarrassed by the person I used to be. That's a work in progress, for sure.

What made me happy this week?
A. Spending the weekend in Chicago to celebrate our anniversary and our (now regularly scheduled) dedicated J&M Time is proving to be a success.

What made me blue this week?
A. A difficult morning with bus routes and schedules made Saturday morning...not so good.

Who did I meet this week and how can I further my relationship with them?
A. I didn't meet these people for the first time this week, but Josh and I went on a double-date with an old friend of his who also attends U of I (we'll call her LM) and my sister-in-law spent the weekend with us. I'd love to get to know these girls better. Any ideas on how to further a new friendship as an adult?

How do I feel today after my experiences this past week?
A. Today I'm feeling okay. I've been better, but I've been worse. Instead of getting down on myself, I'm choosing to stay positive!

*Feel free to develop your own Do You goals and link up with Sara and I!*


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