PDY 2013: Week One


*PDY is more for yourself than anyone else, so write from the heart and make the post as long or as short as it needs to be. People might read it, and maybe they won't, but this Project is about your self-discovery so write for YOU. If you do participate, feel free to link up. Sara and I would love to be your cheerleaders  and encouragers during this journey. :) *

This week I tried to focus on relaxing and letting my subconscious gravitate towards what it wanted - no plan, no to-do list - and I wasn't too surprised (just reminded) by what it showed me.

I was reminded that I love to cook, read, and sing. I was reminded that what my body REALLY craves is to feel good and that carried over into the foods I chose to eat. I was reminded that dressing better made me feel more confident (and wearing lingerie for myself made me feel super sexy). I was reminded that turning off the TV or phone and flipping open a good book is rejuvenating. And a new discovery? I love exercise that feels like fun (thanks, Kinect!).

But most importantly, I was reminded that I've allowed myself to forget who I am and what I need to be happy. I've thrown myself so fully into work and Josh that I completely neglected to take care of myself - mind, body, and soul.

What is something off of my "Do You" list that I attempted this week?

A. Number 2 - Make fitness a hobby! Rather than torturing myself with a "run," I decided to get a workout in using our Kinect. That's what we bought it for anyway! And I wasn't disappointed. After 30 minutes of various Kinect Adventures I was feeling the burn and my heart rate was up - and I didn't even care that I had just EXERCISED because I was having fun. Success.
Number 5 - Start a blog series! Sara and I have partnered up to start the series you're reading at this very moment - Project: Do You. It's been on my heart for a long time, but some recent events in my life have reinforced my desire to get to know myself better. Here's to self-discovery!
Number 7 - Read books! I've had mornings off for the 3 weeks, so I've enjoyed reading a few books. The Hunger Games, A Royal Pain, Project: Happily Ever After, and now Boundaries in Marriage. I can't tell you how great it feels to have an hour or two of quiet time to delve into a good read.
Number 11 - Attend one-on-one therapy! A month ago I started seeing a personal therapist and I already feel ten million times lighter. My appointments with her leave me feeling refreshed and reassured. I highly recommend seeing a personal therapist if you're having trouble juggling, coping, or surviving through life as I am was.
Number 24 - Sing more! A few weeks back I signed up for the choir at our local community college. Two Mondays ago was the first class and I couldn't be happier. I've missed singing SO much since leaving high school choir. Now, every Monday night I have the opportunity to meet new people and express my passion for music with others in my community. Music, to me, is as good as therapy.

What did I do this week to indulge in my passions?
A. Cook, read, and relax.

What did I do this week to get my body moving?
A. Kinect Adventures!

What did I learn about myself this week?
A. I learned about a few simple things I need to be a happier me. Things like 8-9 hours of sleep, quiet time to read each day, scheduled quality time with Josh, and healthy food.

What did I do to become more independent this week?
A. I would say shopping by myself, but I do that pretty regularly. I guess carving out time for myself (while Josh was home! gasp!) counts as a big step towards independence - I've never done that when he's home! Usually our time together is so limited that I hate being away from him when he's home. On Thursday night I told him, "I just need 45 minutes to myself tonight. I'll be in the bedroom," and I closed the door. Pretty sure the man was shocked! Haha!

What made me happy this week?
A. Treating myself to a few birthday purchases was really nice. I don't usually buy impractical things for myself. Selling the car made me REALLY happy - no more unnecessary payments! Having an impromptu lunch with Josh Thursday was a nice mid-day treat. And having a good 2nd session with our new marriage counselor was such a blessing.

What made me blue this week?
A. Our unfortunate experience with our OLD marriage counselor on Wednesday night. I can't even go into it without fuming and wanting to cry.

Who did I meet this week and how can I further my relationship with them?
A. At choir this week I met another second soprano, Geraldine. She seems to be a few years older than myself and was really sweet. Remember to talk to her more next week, Meagan!!!

Who is someone I helped and loved this week?
A. Honestly, myself. And I think that's really important. If you can't love and help yourself, how can you expect to be able to do that for others?

How do I feel today after my experiences this past week?
A. Today I feel...mellow and mending. I did my best to relax this week, because I'm always wound waaaaay too tight, and it definitely paid off. And mending because I'm nowhere near where I want to be personally or in my marriage, but I'm slowly getting there. Something I learned this week - strive for progress, not perfection. - reminds me that this week was a success.


Sara said...

I'm so proud of you for making yourself a priority and doing what needs to be done {like get rid of your horrible marriage counselor!}.

You're rockin' it!

Leslie @ Body Won't Break said...

Congratulations on accomplishing so many things off your list this past week! That's such a great step. I am so happy for you as you embark on this journey.

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