Jingle Bell Rock: A Holiday Mixed 'Tape' Swap

Good morning, lovelies!

I have yet another exciting swap for you today!

I'm partnering with Meghan from Shine On and Sara from You & Me Are We to bring you.....

What are the details of this swap?

November 5 - November 11: Sign-ups will take place! Use the form below to sign up.
Monday, November 12: Sara, Meagan and Meghan will send you your swap partner.
Monday, November 19: Packages have been sent!
Monday, December 3: Link-up with Sara, Meagan and Meghan to share your track lists!

Cheap! The costs of a disc/case + shipping. It should cost no more than $5-7 total.

Help us spread the word!
We'd love to have as many people sign up as possible. If able & willing, we'd love for you to help us by adding our button to your blog, in addition to pinning, sharing, and/or tweeting about the swap! 

It's time to spread holiday cheer! Join @MeghanGranito, @Local_at_Last & @YouAndMeAreWe for a Holiday Mixed CD Swap! http://bit.ly/KtEsBY

Additional Information:
Friendly Introductions: Please head over to your partner's blog so that you can get to know them. We recommend shooting your partner an e-mail to see if there are any artists/CDs he/she already have - that way we aren't sending duplicate jams. Also, make sure to grab their mailing address!
Package Nicely: Make sure the CD is in a case and/or packaged properly. We do not want any broken CDs.
Delivery is Important: We suggest adding some sort of tracking to your package so that you and your partner confirm they were sent and delivered. This is completely optional and at the discretion of you & your partner.

Because of the assigned schedule, please adhere to these guidelines to ensure that you meet the deadline. Swaps are only fun when both parties participate, so please be sure not to leave your partner hanging!

If you do sign up and are unable to complete this swap, please let one of the hosts know ASAP, so that we can reassign partners.

Join In!


SpiritPhoenix said...

Sounds like fun. I just followed you too btw. I found you from Sara's Spooktacular Swap. Looking forward to this mix tape one.

Mary said...

Hey lady! Please send me your address so I can send your ornament!

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