Get Your Java On Swap Link-Up

Hello loves. 

I'm back shortly today to show off my awesome treats I received from Meghan over at Shine On. Meghan is such a sweetheart. She's a social media junkie and recently moved from Tennessee to Seattle to be closer to home. Jump over to her adorable blog and say 'hello!'

Here's what Meghan got me (and you'll have to see her post today to see how alike we are)! :)

Isn't this packaging just adorable?!?
Meghan got me a polka dot mug, Essie {Recessionista}, Mambas, caramel apple coffee, Tazo tea,  Ice Breakers for my coffee breath, and a cinnamon cider candle. 
I loved everything she got me (and Josh has been stealing my Mambas ;) ). Thanks so much, Meghan!!! 

Don't forget to link up your swap reveal posts below. Can't wait to see what everyone got from their partners. :)


Jodi from Sweets and Shutterclicks was without a partner at the last minute, so Josh stepped in and offered to put together a package for her. Jodi was sweet enough to swap with him. Here's what he got!

Chai tea, a travel mug, 2 packets of flavored coffee, an adorable pumpkin, Halloween cupcake liners, and a sweet glow in the dark cup. He loves his first swap package! :)
Thanks, Jodi!


Unknown said...

Thanks for hosting this swap! Glad I could jump in at the last moment :-)

Unknown said...

Your husband is awesome.

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