Spooktacular Swap Goodies!

Happy Monday, lovelies! 
I have truly missed my little bloggy home while I've been away, but I'm back today with some goodies to show off! A few weeks ago I signed up for Jamie's Halloween swap and was partnered with Sara from A Dreamer's World! She's a sweet Minnesotan gal and has great taste in all things October 31st. ;)

Netflix and Sara's package arrived on the same day. How fitting!  
The adorably spooky card Sara wrote me. 
I wonder what haunted treats await...
Sara blessed me with a Halloween cupcake kit, Casper (such a great movie!), ghostly hand towels, a glittery sign that says "Spooky", a notepad, glow sticks, candy corn, ring pops (that turn your mouth black ;) ), fuzzy socks, and caramel apple pops (Josh's favorite Halloween candy). 

This package was seriously so fun to open! Thanks, Sara!


____j said...

Love it! That card is too cute!

Sara said...

Haha, I did not know the Ring Pops leave your mouth black! Kind of cool though! Did it say it on the package or did you find out?

Shooting Stars Mag said...

How adorable! I do love holiday themed cupcakes! And Casper is a fun film. I haven't seen that one in forever.


Unknown said...

What fun stuff!

Brittany said...

The card is too cute! Fuzzy socks truly are the best gift ever! And I used to watch Casper over and over again...just to see the oh so dreamy Devon Sawa for 2 minutes at the end! I no longer eat caramel apple pops...let's just say thank god I work for a dentist because that one sucker would have cost me a bundle if I didn't. Stupid caramel pulled a filling out!

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