A First Blate

Happy Thursday, everyone!

A week ago Josh and I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting one of my blog besties, Jamie (check out her blog here) and her boyfriend as they drove through central Illinois. They were only staying in town for the evening before heading back to Georgia and we were lucky enough to be included in their road trip festivities.

We kept the night simple and sweet, since Jamie and CB had been driving all day. We met up at our apartment and drove together to downtown Champaign, otherwise known as the U of I campus. After eating a tasty dinner at Chipotle (Jamie's boyfriend had never been!), we walked to Insomnia Cookies - a hole in the wall bakery where they make cookies all.night.long. And get this...you can even get them delivered to your house...like pizza...in the middle of the night. And the cookies are delicious. This place is dangerous.

Jamie and I before dinner. 
After indulging in our warm, gooey dessert we drove to another bakery called Cream & Flutter to pick up some cupcakes (because I'd been told they were irresistible). We saved them for later and headed back to our apartment for drinks and games. Let me tell you...this was SO much fun. I'm pretty sure we laughed enough to burn off those cupcakes we hadn't eaten yet. Jamie and CB are so down to earth and silly, like us. It made the awkwardness of having a complete "stranger" in my home a little less weird. :)

Cream & Flutter 
The red velvet was nowhere near as good as Georgetown Cupcakes. 
We finished our cupcakes (they weren't that good, to be honest) and played a few more games before they headed out to catch up on some much needed rest before their long drive back to Georgia. And as soon as the door closed, Josh turned to me and said, "I wish we had local friends like that."


And that's how you know you've had a successful first blate. :)


erika said...

Yay for townie posts! :) And yeah- I hate Cream & Flutter too. Cute idea, but they are gross.

Faith said...

this sounds like the most perfect blate! i love it. i love it more that you ended it at your house playing Monopoly! i think i am kinda jealous :)

Jamie said...

I miss y'all already! Why couldn't Josh's army travels have brought y'all to GA long-term?! I need more blates in my life!
Thanks for having us and for all the laughs. I had the best time. And CB, as shy and quiet as he is, said he had a really good time! So win! :)

BTW- Choir girls rock :)

Kace said...

Insomnia Cookies--Brilliant! I would order some right now. yum! Glad you all had a good time. I just love meeting bloggy friends.

Brittany said...

I'm jealous!! And I so wanna know what photo had to be removed... lol

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