Adventures In Potty Training

Its story tim y'all. Buckle your seatbelts.

So...I'm going to the bathroom and Ava yells "I have to go potty!" and I hear her run to the other bathroom and slam the door. So I finish going to the bathroom and go to help her, when I hear a crash and a *plop*. I go in there and she's on the potty, toilet paper everywhere and she goes "Can you get it?" I'm like, "Get what?" and she points in the toilet...the whole roll of toilet paper AND the metal tube that holds it on the wall are all in the potty...covered in poop. So I grab Ava, dump her in the tub (since she hadn't wiped yet), and run to get tongs in the kitchen. I pick out the roll of TP and all 3 pieces of the metal tube (since it fell apart) and clean up all the poop over the whole toilet. Then I clean up Ava and tell her that what she did was very naughty and next time she should ask for help. And she says, "You need to go back to your house. You made me very mad."

HA! Oh boy...it's been a long day.


Lauren said...

HA! Potty training is NOT for the faint of heart!

____j said...

Woooow! That's crazy! She tore the TP off the wall?

reccewife said...

Potty Training is definately one of those things that sticks with you - as a mom- forEVER! Hang in there :)

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