Get Your Java On: A Coffee & Tea Lover's Swap

Hello, my loves! 

I know I've been a naughty blogger lately (what with 6 posts in 3 weeks or something like that), but please forgive me! I'm on my knees over here...even though you can't see it. Believe me - it's pitiful. 

To make up for my absence I've decided to host a little sum' sum'. Can you say "Swap-o-rama"???

There have been quite a few swaparoos going on in Blog Land recently, but one more won't hurt. Right? And this one's going to be good. I pinky swear. 

In honor of National Coffee Day...Welcome to the Get Your Java On swap!

Ready for the deets? 

The Goods
*In your swap package, include anything coffee or tea related (don't forget to ask your partner which she prefers!) and get creative! You could give an adorable mug, a bag of your favorite coffee beans, a witty magnet about not talking to anyone before you've had your coffee...You get the gist. 
*$15 minimum before shipping.

Saturday, September 29 - Saturday, October 13: Sign up below! 
Monday, October 15: You'll receive your partner's contact info in an email.
Monday, October 22: And they're off! Send your package by today.
Friday, November 2: Link up your reveal post here!

Nitty Gritty
*To participate, you must have an active blog. 
*Get to know your partner! When you receive your partner, hop over to her blog and say 'Hello!' After all, making new connections is what blogging is all about. 
*Please let me know if you live outside the U.S. Also, if you live in the U.S. but are willing to swap with someone not in the U.S., let me know!
*If you're unable to participate for any reason, please notify me right away. We wouldn't want anyone to end up empty-handed. Swaps are only fun when both parties get the goods.
*Spread the word! The more the merrier! I'd love to have hundreds of you gorgeous bloggers participate, but a few will suffice. :) Tell your blog friends to join in on the fun. Tweet it, Facebook it, blog it - whatever's your cup of tea. See what I did there?

The Reveal
*Show off your loot! Include pictures and descriptions of the goodies your awesome partner hooked you up with. 
*Include the button (below), a link to this blog, and a link to your partner's blog in your post.
*Link up here on Reveal Day!

Get Your Java On!


Adventures In Potty Training

Its story tim y'all. Buckle your seatbelts.

So...I'm going to the bathroom and Ava yells "I have to go potty!" and I hear her run to the other bathroom and slam the door. So I finish going to the bathroom and go to help her, when I hear a crash and a *plop*. I go in there and she's on the potty, toilet paper everywhere and she goes "Can you get it?" I'm like, "Get what?" and she points in the toilet...the whole roll of toilet paper AND the metal tube that holds it on the wall are all in the potty...covered in poop. So I grab Ava, dump her in the tub (since she hadn't wiped yet), and run to get tongs in the kitchen. I pick out the roll of TP and all 3 pieces of the metal tube (since it fell apart) and clean up all the poop over the whole toilet. Then I clean up Ava and tell her that what she did was very naughty and next time she should ask for help. And she says, "You need to go back to your house. You made me very mad."

HA! Oh boy...it's been a long day.


All Lacquered Up Reveal! & The Nail Files

Happy Friday, lovelies! 

Today I'm linking up with Meghan and Angela to show off my loot from the All Lacquered Up nail polish swap AND Tara for The Nail Files! 

All Lacquered Upd

My partner was Lauren from Talk of the Trains. She is such a sweet mama of one (and a bun in the oven). If you haven't heard of her, now you have and you should definitely say "Hey!" on her blog. 
Here's what she sent me. 

L-R: O.P.I. You Don't Know Jacques / O.P.I. Chocolate Moose / Essie Adore-A-Ball
I wish I had a picture of the polish on to show you, but my nasty nail-biting habit has returned (bad, bad Meagan) and the only thing I've been wearing this week is a top coat. I'll be sure to post a picture for The Nail Files sometime soon. :) 

Anywho, thank you Lauren, for the amazing polish. I can't wait to wear it and I'm so glad I met a new blog friend through this swap. 

That's all for today, folks! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. :) 


OHPW: Orange & Blue

This week is dedicated to Illinois. We bleed orange and blue, baby. 

Source: herroom.com via HerRoom on Pinterest

Source: polyvore.com via Meagan on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via Meagan on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via Allison on Pinterest


Life Lately

Hello, lovelies! 

I've been absent from the world of blogging for a few weeks, so I thought today we'd play Catch Up. :) 

August 31: Date Night = Dinner at Chili's and U of I women's volleyball game. We won! 

September 4-7: I had my first yoga class (read more about that here). Ava and Eli had nasty colds. Turns out Eli had pneumonia, poor guy was miserable the rest of the week. Long, long day. 

September 8-9: Josh and I spent the morning on a cleaning spree. And as I mentioned here, something very painful happened this weekend. Around 11am, my dad called and said that my brother's best friend was found unresponsive earlier that morning. An hour later, he called again to tell me that he was dead - two weeks past his 18th birthday. Josh and I immediately hopped in the car and drove 2 hours home to be with my brother. That night he asked us to take him to see one of his other friends play in a band, to keep his mind off of things. Needless to say, the weekend was filled with tears...and Chinese food. 

September 14: My employers are amazing. I've only been with them for a month and they've already recommended me to another family. I met with my employers' friend about a once a month overnight babysitting job and it went wonderfully. I start this upcoming weekend. Then Josh and I had a mellow movie night at home to wind down after a long week.

September 15: Josh surprised me with tickets to the Illini football game (thanks to a friend of ours in the marching band) and we enjoyed the morning at Memorial Stadium watching Illinois crush Charleston Southern. Afterward, we had lunch at Chili's (that 2 for $20 deal is too good to pass up!). Then Josh got his monthly haircut and we headed to the mall on a whim. We spent two hours at bareMinerals while I got a makeover and a lesson on all things make-up (more on that next week!). After that we headed to American Eagle so Josh could get some much needed clothes for fall/winter. 

September 16: We both got done up with our new purchases to watch some football at home. :) Josh grilled up some yummy cheddar brats and we enjoyed watching both of our Fantasy teams whoop some major boo-tay.

Whew! So...that's what's been going on with us lately. Thanks for sticking along for the ride. :) I hope you're all having a great week! 


You can find me...

...over at Jamie's blog today!

Hop on over to Life In A Southern Town to read some sappy goodness about long-distance relationships. :)

P.S. I'll be coming back to blogging this week! I can't wait to put together lots of posts and get back in touch with my favorite bloggers. Love you all!


Something For Meagan

*Each Monday's post will be dedicated to My Happiness Project and will include a "Happiness Goal" for the week. For more, visit the "Happiness Project" tab at the top of the page."

When we moved into our new apartment in the beginning of August, I knew I that I wanted a way to get involved with something outside of work. I've always been a self-acknowledged workaholic, so my leaner hours with my new job allowed me the perfect excuse to pick up a new hobby.

If you've been reading my blog for a while now, you know that I love to read, cook, and love on babies. So what new hobby could I possibly be picking up?


Yep. Yoga. Kind of unexpected, right? I've only ever done yoga for five minutes before in my life and that was only because it was on Netflix. But I've been wanting to get in shape, relieve stress, and calm my anxiety so I figured this was the perfect opportunity!

I signed up for a Flow Yoga class at our local community college, which is supposed to be for beginners. I attended my first class last Monday aaaaaaand...VERDICT? It wasn't so bad! I got a spot at the back and was the youngest person in the class by a long shot. Yep, the majority of the class was well over 35 and the best part was that we were ALL beginners, so the class was all about learning poses and no competition. I'm eager and excited to learn. These next 8 weeks are going to be a great experience. :)  

I've also signed up for a one time meditation class. After countless hours researching natural remedies (because I would rather not be medicated) for stress and anxiety, both of which I have in spades, I've come to the conclusion that combining yoga and meditation might be a great fit for me. The class isn't until October, but I already know that we'll be instructed to create a sacred space in our home, specifically for meditating. Something that is really important to me is to have that sacred space to spend my quiet time, so I've already designated a space in our living room. Sacred space = a work in progress.

So that's what I'm doing just. for. ME. :) 

This week's Happiness Goal:
Make time for yourself. Understand and enjoy that it's important to take care of your mind, body, and soul. And don't feel bad about it. 


Prayers, Please


I know I've been absent lately, but tonight I need to ask a favor of you. Please, if you're the praying kind, say a prayer for my family tonight - especially my brother, Ian. And if praying isn't your cup of tea, I'd greatly appreciate good vibes and peace as well.

We're all a little shaken. We're all hurting tonight. I'll share details later this week.

I love you all,


Happiness Project Reading Update

*Each Monday's post will be dedicated to My Happiness Project and will include a "Happiness Goal" for the week. For more, visit the "Happiness Project" tab at the top of the page.*

I started reading Gretchen Rubin's My Happiness Project on Monday, August 13. Today, I'm about 2/3 finished reading. So far, I love it. Gretchen is candid, dead-on, and honest about her emotions and realizations through her journey. 

To jump start her year-long project, Gretchen came up with 12 months worth of resolutions to help her find more happiness in her everyday life. So, this week, I'll do exactly that.

My own happiness project will also be a year-long (although truly lifelong) journey, but as she says in the preface, everyone's happiness project is different. Each individual has different areas in their lives that could use a little sprucing up or extra involvement (or less involvement!), so my personal journey to 'happier' will be wildly different than yours or Gretchen's.

I've also discovered a monthly The Happiness Project group here in Champaign! I'll be attending my first meeting with them at the end of this month. I'm so excited! Not only does this contribute to My Happiness Project, but it also fills my resolution to put myself out there and meet new people.

This week's Happiness Goal: 
Write down your plan to achieve greater joy in your everyday living. Lists make you happy, so make it a good one and stick to it.