What's Your Dream Girls Night Out?

Lately, I've been craving a girls night out. The only problem? I've got no girls! Yet.
Regardless, I've been trying to think of great girls night out ideas, just in case I get the chance any time soon.

I've also been reading about other women in Blog Land who've been looking forward to a GNO or who miss the luxury of having girlfriends to go out with. So I came up with an idea to create a cyber girls night!

What's better than a bunch of blogging women coming together to share a night of flirty outfits, yummy cocktails, and entertainment?!? Um...nothing. Duh. Since blog conferences/meet-ups tend to be expensive and kinda far away (for most of us), this is our little online chance to "get together" and enjoy each others company. Plus, it's free! :)

Here's how it's gonna work.
1. On the evening of Friday, August 24th link up HERE for our cyber partaaaay.
2. Include these things to make up your dream Girls Night Out.
          - What would you wear?
          - How would you do your hair and make-up?
          - What ride would we arrive in?
          - Where would we be going (it can be local or anywhere in the world)?
          - Your drink order this evening?
          - What's our entertainment for the evening? Mini golf, dancing, male strippers, drive-in movie?
3. Be sure to include this button in your post and link back to the link-up.

Feel free to leave comments or email me with questions! Can't wait to see what your dream GNO looks like! :)


Brittany said...

Can't wait! So excited. Going to get my post ready tonight!!

Unknown said...

WHOOO! Super excited! BTW. Real girls night out. Soon.

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