Weekend Recap

Friday night was my very first Fantasy Football draft (aka Drunk Draft). Josh and his friends have a league and this year they invited me to join! I was so honored, really. We tried two new brews (say that ten times fast) and I apparently snagged the best team just by choosing players whose names I remember hearing when Josh watches games. Score!

If you're like me and can only stand fruity beers, try Wild Blue. It's delicious!
I'm a winner already. AND I'm facing my husband in Week 1. Woop!
On Saturday we slept in and did lots of organizing around the apartment. Then we had date night at Chili's and spent the evening at the freshman welcome at U of I, since Josh is well...a freshman. :) They had a DJ and different food in each room, lots of photo booths and bouncy houses, and free junk (glow sticks, wristbands, etc.) to promote all the different clubs and organizations on campus. There was also "Battleship" in the pool at the recreation center where the students tried to tip each other in canoes. It was pretty entertaining. Haha!

I did my make-up for the first time in months! 
Soft bronze shadow (for fall!) and my favorite accessories.  
The two of us before heading out. 
The clock tower on campus.
Watching Battleship.
Us. :)
On Sunday we slept in again. Might as well take advantage of it now that we have our weekends back.  We did some housework and listed a few things on Craigslist (let me know if you're interested in buying a Mac! We've got 2!). I also begged Josh to help me hang a few things on the walls and he sooooo lovingly obliged. ;) Then we spent the afternoon at Taste of Nevada, another Welcome Week event that's also open to the public.

Lots of sun, lots of lines, lots of food, lots of people.
We had a great time and it was so nice to finally have a few days to ourselves. I can honestly say that I'm much, much happier when Josh and I are able to have a little alone time and I'm looking forward to having more consistent date nights here in Champaign. :)


Faith said...

Looks like such a nice weekend!

It is amazing that spending time with your other half makes everything better.

You look so pretty! Loving the way your hair was styled too!

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