Update: First Week of Work

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The first week of my new job was...

Laid back. 

Yeah. All of that and more.

Though Josh was away and I missed him like crazy, it was really good for me to be working so much that week and to have the apartment to myself in the evenings. Not only did I get SO much done at the new place (more on that later this week), but I really learned a lot about myself and the kids during my alone time with them.

Ava and Eli are such great kids. Really. They're well-behaved (though all kids have their moments), silly, laid back, happy, and up for anything I suggest...other than nap time. We had so much fun last week!

Monday: We spent the morning at home and in the afternoon we took a nice, long walk to the park.
Tuesday: I took them to Tuesday Two's at the library and they loved it! That afternoon we went to the park and played in the backyard.
Wednesday: We played outside and colored in the morning and in the afternoon we finger painted and the kiddos got a bath.
Thursday: It stormed all day, so we stayed indoors. We watched Ariel, colored, and played with toys in the basement.
Friday: We spent all morning at the park and taking a walk because it was so nice out. They napped really well, so we just played with toys until Mommy got home.
Saturday: We went to the park AGAIN. It's just been too beautiful outside not to take them out. :)

This job is exactly my cup of tea, you guys. I don't think I could have asked for a better fit if I had hand-picked the parents and kids myself. Ava and Eli's parents and I get along so well and have almost identical views about raising kids. Their momma keeps saying that the kids are so happy and Ava always asks when I'm coming back. I don't know about you, but to a nanny/babysitter of 12 years, that's one of the highest compliments.

I am so excited and blessed and overwhelmed by how well this all fell together in God's perfect plan. 'Nuf said.


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So happy for you!!

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