Thankful For My Type A Personality

It's currently 9:13 A.M. on a Saturday morning. I've been up since 4:50. What's wrong with me you ask?

Only the fact that I love my husband too much. ;)

He and five of his best friends have ventured off to Boundary Waters (that's in Canada, ey) for a week of hardcore camping and canoeing and I wanted to see him off (and get lots of kisses!). All, but one of them, are Eagle Scouts and they've been planning this trip for 4 years, so this is kind of a big deal.

Everything was all set to go - the appointment with the outfitter was confirmed, food and gear were packed in the van, everyone had their passports...Oops.

Yeah...the night before they're supposed to leave for Canada Josh's brother announced that he doesn't have a passport. He acted like it was no big deal, thinking he'd be free and clear just using his military I.D. Um...no. Five seconds searching for solutions on Google and the rest of the group was in a panic because J's brother could NOT, in fact, get in and out of Canada using only his military I.D. This is international travel, after all.

Josh waiting to load up the rest of the van. 
Thankfully, some kind-hearted government employee at International Falls Canada was awake at 5:15 this morning to answer ten million and a half questions about how Josh's brother could possibly get in and out of the country and enjoy the camping trip with the other guys. The nice man told the guys that he needed to bring his military I.D., a valid drivers license, his birth certificate, AND his leave papers to substitute his non-existent passport. Problem = solved.

Whew! Let me tell you, when we all heard that, the tension in the room just disappeared. Until Josh called his brother with the news and his brother wasn't even on his way to the meeting point yet! An hour after they were supposed to have left!

Needless to say, I am so thankful that God wired me with a Type A personality that plans every detail, triple checks all her bases, and knows that late = rude. And I am equally thankful that God blessed me with a husband who is willing to let me do all of that and is patient and calm when my plans don't always work out. We really are the better half of each other's whole. :)

Hope you're all enjoying a fabulous weekend.


P.S. Stay tuned next week for a series of guest posts from some of my favorite bloggers. And wish me luck on my first week at my new job! :)


Kace said...

You are so much nicer than me. No way I would have done all that. I would have been all- that sucks! And then I would go back to bed. ha! That camping trip sounds like so much fun! :) Good luck next week!

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