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Today's guest is Cindy! Cindy and I have been blog buddies for a while now and are so similar! I'm disappointed that we didn't get the chance to meet up when I still lived in Virginia, but glad that Blog Land allows us to keep in touch. Enjoy! 

Hello wonderful blog friends of Meagan!  While Meagan is enjoying her first full week of work with her new kiddos she asked me to take over her blog for a day!  And I'm so happy to be with you all!


My name is Cindy and I blog over at This and That.  I've been blogging for almost two years now and I love it!  I'm a bubbly mid-twenties lady, enjoying being a wife and cat-mom to my sweet little Stank!  My little corner of the blogosphere is basically just tales and pictures from life.  I enjoy sharing the things I love and the joy I experience in my little life and I do so on my blog.  I also really enjoy photography and though I'm no where near professional I do like to share my pictures.  I usually take lots of nature and sky photos.  And of course there are pictures of my sweet kitty!  I'm also really obsessed with Instagram and you can follow me, my user name is Iwanttobeaham.
I first "met" Meagan almost two years ago and I'm so glad that this little blogosphere has made us friends!  You all probably already know this but Meagan is a cool lady with lots of fun and creative ideas!  I love that we're also buddies on Pinterest because she posts some great stuff!  (You can also be my Pinterest buddy!)

Anyway, I can't believe that summer is almost over!  It's been one HOT summer here in Southern Maryland.  In fact, I know it's been HOT everywhere this summer!  And I must say, it's been quite a great summer!  We took our vacation in April to celebrate our anniversary so we haven't taken any trips this summer yet.  We are going camping over Labor Day though and I'm quite excited!  But some of my favorite things this summer have included...

My new beautiful hanging
basket that I'm so excited is bringing color to my porch!



pretty flowers

Sometimes life doesn't
look real. Love skies like this!

Pretty sunset

Another beautiful

beautiful skies,

Yay new frozen yogurt
place in town!

a new local frozen yogurt place,

Today was such a
beautiful day. For two reasons. The weather and my husband's baptism in this

my husband's baptism in the bay,

Watching the sunset over
the Patuxent was some serious #lifejoy

Currently at the most
beautiful place in Southern Maryland.

beautiful sunset walks on the boardwalk

Love spending the
afternoon with my hubby doing fun stuff!

At our minor league
baseball team's, The Blue Crabs, ball game!

attending local baseball games

This is my lunch break
pretty much every single day. After I finish eating he climbs onto my shoulder
and my hand supports his lower body and we snuggle until I have to go back to
work. =) he's a big baby.

Laying on the couch
being lazy this afternoon. Feels so good.

and most definitely just relaxing!

What have been your favorite moments of the summer?  I would certainly love to hear about them!  And since summer is not over quite yet, what else do you have planned?  Let's send summer out with a bang!  If you want to follow along with the rest of my summer (or just my life in general!) visit my blog!  I had fun sharing with you all today!  Thanks again Meagan for letting me guest post for you!



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