Being A Grown-Up Is Tough Sh*t

*I said i wasnt blogging this week, but i really just need to vent. Kthanksbye.*

Today was the first time our checking account has ever been at zero.

I've been driving on fumes for 3 days now (thankfully my "commute" is conducive to such irresponsibility) and finally decided to get gas on my way to work this morning. $3.69 is too cheap to pass up these days. But when I swiped my debit card..."Declined." I thought, "There's no way. I know we've got enough in checking to cover at least a tank of gas!"

I gave up trying because I needed to get to work, but as soon as I pulled in I signed into USAA's app. And there it was. A big, fat $0.00 under our checking. I would have started crying right then and there if I hadn't needed to go inside, but immediately after my employer left I had to let it out.

This week has been exhausting and lonely with Josh gone and me surviving my first week of work. Seeing that I couldn't even afford an ounce of fuel was devastating. And forcing myself to take MORE money out of our savings was painful, considering we already took money out for a couch, computer, and J's trip to Canada, all of which were budgeted and saved for, but still.

Being unemployed put a huge dent in our bank account this summer. We knew it was coming and planned for it, but a lot happened this summer that we weren't prepared for.

We weren't prepared for Josh to take a weekend trip to Wisconsin in June, we weren't prepared to feed an extra person for 2 weeks, we weren't prepared for a $150 emergency trip to the Ford dealership, we weren't prepared for my 3 trips to the dermatologist, and we weren't prepared for lots of trips to Champaign. All of that adds up so fast, no wonder our account drained so quickly.

Ugh. Just talking about all of this overwhelms me. I can't wait for Josh to get home, although that won't solve the financial issues it'll just be nice to have him home. And I can't wait to get paid next week. Hopefully getting paid next week and selling lots of stuff in our Purge Pile will rebuild our bank account a little bit.

Being an adult stinks. Big time.


Faith said...

ugh, that does stinks! not having money is the one of the main things that could make anyone's attitude change in the blink of an eye. hope that hubby gets home quickly and that the bank account builds up again in the next few weeks.

Katie said...

Meagan, I'm sorry to hear about this! My husband and I have had a tough summer too and we drained all of our savings while living pay check to pay check. Hubby teaches at two universities but they don't need him in the summer. It's definitely tough! I know we just "met" but if you ever want to chat, let me know. I definitely can relate :)

Unknown said...

Being a grown-up really isn't all its hyped up to be! I hate paying bills, I hate bank accounts. I've logged into USAA before too, and saw my balance in brackets before (not good at all!) and had a full-blown meltdown. I'll be thinking about you this week!

Kace said...

I'm sorry. Money troubles are so stressful!

____j said...

We have been in that same position before. Being an adult can definitely suck at times! Glad your hubby is home [or on his way?], he will lift your spirits.

erika said...

I've been there many, many, many times, lol. It is not fun. :(

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