Alexandria Apartment {Bedroom and Bathroom}

This is the last installment of the tour of our Alexandria apartment. If you'd like to see more, see the "abode" tab at the top of the page! 

*The majority of these pictures were taken a month after we moved in, so please excuse the unfinished product and messiness!*

Our bedroom. 

These postcards were our "guest book" at our wedding, so they're filled with special notes from our loved ones. 
The pictures in the white frame were also at our wedding. Coordinating pictures of our parents' weddings.  
My jewelry set-up. 
As small as it was, I adored this bathroom.  

And the end of our time in Alexandria...packing up The Box (as we so affectionately refer to it). 

The boys threw the couch in the dumpster. Hooray!

That night we slept on the floor...and probably got the worst night of sleep of our lives. 
We made some great memories in our teensy Virginia apartment, and sometimes I miss it, but I'm so happy for the exciting changes happening in our lives and a chance for new beginnings. :) 



____j said...

I love that you guys threw your couch in the dumpster! When we moved from Alabama to Oklahoma, we did the same thing!

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