OHPW: Hair Edition

Along with dressing better, I'd like to start putting a little bit of time and effort into my hair. I've pretty much got the nails down, so now the clothes, hair, and make-up need some work! I'd like to get a simple trim so my hair doesn't look so "blah" all the time. Blow-drying and straightening my hair on a regular basis shouldn't be so hard, right? ;)

I love the simple curls and her natural make-up. 

I've always adored how LC can pull off such a simple hair style. 
Source: google.com via Meagan on Pinterest

Totally "do"-able, right? ;)

Simple, glamorous waves.

I have no clue why, but I've always been drawn to short styles! 

This seems like a simple and easy to take care of style. 

I know, I'm boring. But simple is best when you've got a full schedule and you're chasing around kids all day. If I can at least banish the ponytail 75% of the time I'll consider it a Win.


Fran said...

lol I cut my hair not long ago with the hope that I could banish the pony tail but alas... the pony tail remains

Unknown said...

I always vow to not wear the messy bun every day, but only recently have been achieving it {sometimes} I'm getting to be a pro at twisty hairstyles lol

Faith said...

Great hair inspiration! I think you'll fabulous with any of the styles!

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