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*Sigh* I love Wednesdays. Not only does this day mean that the week is half-way through, but it's also my favorite link-up! Go link up with Michelle for Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday. :)

Today's theme? Dressing better.

I've been through some weird clothes phases. Seventh and Eighth grade was khakis and polos (because I thought it made me look more mature). Freshman through junior year of high school I wore jeans and t-shirts (you know, those volleyball and homecoming t-shirts that last for.ev.er.). During my senior year, I attempted to buy cute clothes, but almost never wore them because I was more comfortable at work in "comfy" clothes.

Same goes for college. My first year of college, I wore yoga pants, t-shirts, and tennis shoes every. single. day. Again, only because they were the most comfortable thing to wear when chasing a bunch of kids around and driving between jobs and classes all day long. Not to mention, gaining 40 pounds that year made it impossible for me to fit into any of my jeans from high school and I couldn't afford to buy new ones. This pattern continued during my second year of college, when my work "uniform" was black workout pants and a plain tee, and through our first year of marriage when I was with the twins 24/7.

Now that we're moving to a new city, starting new jobs, and making new friends (essentially, starting life over) I think it's time to make a change with how I dress - not only to look "cute" but to feel more confident about myself. So today's pins are to remind myself that it's not that difficult or expensive to dress to impress...even on the job. :)

Source: polyvore.com via Meagan on Pinterest

Source: polyvore.com via Meagan on Pinterest



Brittany said...

Ohmuhlawd I love every outfit. So cute! I especially like the teal (my fave color)! Great post.

Fran said...

Love the 3rd one! SO me haha

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