May Recap

May 6: Josh and I started the Couch To 5K program. It was more for me than for him, but he was gracious enough to jog along side my slow booty. :) *We completed 4 weeks (half the program) and accidentally fell off track while on vacation in June, so we never finished. 

May 12: Began ETS process! Josh got all of his clearing paperwork and other responsibilities finished in ONE WEEK! Almost unheard of at Fort Myer. God must have known how badly we were itching to leave. ;)

May 12: On a muggy Saturday, we braved the heat and hung out at the DC 101 Chili Cook-Off. It was probably the trashiest (read boobs and blunts) events we'd ever been too, but the music was great and we had lots of fun. We also ate at Roti, which is pretty much the Greek-esque version of Chipotle. It was uh. may. zing. If you live in D.C. or Chicago (sadly, their only locations) EAT THERE.

May 16: The boys' closet had been overrun for quite a while, so one day I cleared everything out, took it to the guest room, sorted it all out, and packed it up into bins. I swear I cried all afternoon remembering their little booties in these tiny clothes.

May 23-24: Pack, pack, pack! The movers were great and got everything done in less than 3 hours. Not surprising, since we only had 550 square feet! It's crazy to think that our whole life was packed up into boxes and put into storage for 2 months. Can't wait until August 1st when everything's unpacked in the new apartment! It'll be like having all new stuff.

May 25: My last day with the twins. My employers made a slideshow of the professional pictures the boys had done when they were 6 months old and one year old. I gave them a CD of every picture and video I'd ever taken of them. My sweeties and I snuggled and laughed and watched Tangled. And when it was time to leave, I hugged them both so tight I thought my arms would never open to let them go...and Adam broke my heart when I tried to hand him back to his daddy...he squirmed right out of his arms and reached for me. Tears, tears, tears...all day long and for a month afterward. I love those sweet babes.

May 30: I got a new, grown-up license. Now I'm cool.

That's all for May, folks. Stay tuned later this week for my final recap - JUNE! 


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