Friday's Letters


Dear Body, 
I apologize for neglecting you and filling you up with garbage this summer. I know I haven't been treating you the way I should and that you've been feeling horrible lately because of it. I promise that as soon as I control the groceries again, things will get better. 

Dear Joshua, 
You are the silliest and most loving husband EVER. Thanks for bringing me presents every time you come home from a trip. I really appreciate you thinking of me when you're away, even though presents are nothing compared to having you home safe with me. :)

Dear Chinese Food, 
You really need to stop taunting me. It's cruel for you to pop up everywhere I turn when I know I shouldn't be eating you. Stop it. 

Dear Weather, 
If you could lighten up a little and back off on the humidity just a tad, I'd really appreciate it. K? Thanks. 

Dear Vodka, 
I love you. Forget what I said to Body. You and I are inseparable. 

Dear Cancer, 
You suck. 

Dear Mom, 
I can't tell you how proud I am of you. You're the strongest, gentlest, most loving person I know. I can't wait to see how awesomely you whoop Cancer's ass. 

Dear Champaign-Urbana, 
Only a week and a half until we're united at LAST! I've been dying to be with you and to explore every inch of you for so long (I know, I'm so punny). Yay for new adventures! 



Adrienne said...

Lovely letters dear. Cancer is a friggen' jerk. Ooooch. Can't do vodka. I'm a true wine-o!

Anonymous said...

I had a love affair with vodka in college... but s/he broke my heart/stomach. I try to go easy now. :)

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