Expanding Our Family

“People need to realize that adoption is not warm and fuzzy... Adoption is supposed to be about finding homes for children that need it, not finding children for parents that want them.”
Claudia Corrigan D'Arcy 

I've always had this intense desire to one day experience pregnancy and child birth (if you know me, you know my crazy baby fever), but something deep inside me is telling me that's not what's right for me. Something tells me I'm meant to be a mommy by other means. As much as I would appreciate and love being able to bring a child into this world with my own body, I've been overwhelmed by this ache reminding me where I came from and how I have the amazing family I have. And it reminds me that there are still so many, many other children without a family and without a home. We could provide that home. We could provide that family. Joshua mentioned to me a few weeks back, "Meagan, I don't think the way you become a mother is important to you, as long as you become a mother." I believe he's right. And unless some form of evil hardens my heart, I believe our family may never be connected by blood, but by soul.


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