Christmas In July

You know those times when you look in your email only to find a bunch of junk?

Sometimes you should look at that "junk", because sometimes there are awesome deals in those emails. Like the one I found on Shutterfly that allowed me to get 10 Christmas cards for FREE (excluding shipping and handling).

Yup. You read that right. I just ordered 10 Christmas cards...in July.

But how can you pass up such a great deal on such a cute card? ;)

Stationery card
View the entire collection of cards.

*Yes, I am going to be rewarded for this post. No shame!


Faith said...

Ahhh Christmas! That gets me happy :)

Katie @ Lady Like said...

Since I'm new to your blog, I just have to say that the design is absolutely amazing. I'm in love. And so excited to be following and to read more!

Lady Million

Cindy P said...

Hey, I got that, too! I didn't know it was a blog about it and get rewarded thing though. I thought it was just order 10 cards and get them free.

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