April Recap

Hiya, lovelies!

I'm back today with a little recap of what Josh and I were up to in April! Enjoy!

April 1-5: While their parents were out of town, I watched the twinsies at Te Te's (Grandma's) house during the day and handed them off to her in the evenings. ;) And on April 5th the sweet little munchkins turned ONE! I cried.

April 7: Josh returned from a week-long TDY to Fort Benning. He always brings me a gift after he's been gone and this time it was a gorgeous butterfly! My favorite! He spent the morning catching up on sleep and we ventured out to the Cherry Blossom Festival to watch fireworks with our friends, Charles and Cortney, that evening. So fun!

April 17: Josh's Old Guard Attire (OGA) pants had lost their button. Being the oh-so-domestic housewife that I am, I attempted to sew it back on...after watching a tutorial on Youtube, of course. It looked like shiznits, but it's still attached even today!

April 19: Worst day of work ever + Josh on TDY = LOTS OF ALCOHOL AND MIDNIGHT PIZZA. Josh was out of town while I got the drunkest (is that a word?) I have ever been and ever will be. He felt so bad that he ordered me my favorite pizza...at midnight and from 800 miles away. KEEPER! :)

April 21-22: We took a quick belated anniversary trip to NYC. More on this to come! :)

April 29: For kicks and giggles, we enjoyed a day-long date exploring Old Town Alexandria. We had a delicious lunch at Red Rocks, window shopped, and indulged in some yummy Coldstone ice cream. Perfect way to end a perfect day? With Office Monopoly and a cheap drink, of course!

Woohoo! That's it for April, folks. Stay tuned next week for May and June! :)


Jamie said...

I literally laughed out loud at the drunk texts. I wish you'd had my phone number just for the laughs of that night. :)
You should have come to GA with your hubby! We could have hung out!! But stupid work kind of makes that impossible. I hate being a grown up!

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