Alexandria Apartment {Entry and Living Room}

You know how I've been telling you for, oh, you know...a year and a half now...that I'd give you a tour of our Alexandria apartment? 

You've seen a preview here and here, but you have yet to see it all (as if it's all interesting or whatever).


Let me take you on a tour of our first place together. 
*Please excuse the "unfinished" look. We kind of halfway unpacked since we knew we'd be moving again only 11 short months later. Plus...we only had 550 square feet. Excuses, excuses!*

Our entry way. 
From the front door, looking to the right? Our not so awesome Goodwill couch. 
Right side of the couch housed blankets and miscellaneous living room type things. 
The left side is where we kept XBox controllers, remotes, and one of my unfinished DIY projects.
This is what our coffee table usually looked like. 
Our TV set-up. 
The back door and deck. 
That's all for the entryway and living room tour. Stay tuned next week for the rest of our humble first home. :) 


Faith said...

looks very similar to our first apartment together!

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