Taking A Break

I know, I know...another break. But it's necessary.

The past few weeks I've been extremely stressed out. All of the tiny details that go into moving TWICE in 2 months, plus starting my new job, and getting everything taken care of for J to start school and the Reserves.....on top of both of us working full-time and getting myself ready for school.....it's just too much.

Blogging has always been my outlet for relieving stress and keeping in touch with you wonderful women, but if something needs to take the back burner for a bit, it's the blog. Everything in my life has been very quickly unraveling and I need to concentrate on what NEEDS to be done rather than what I WANT to do.

We've only got 3 weeks until we're outta here and then we're headed to Washington to visit my little brother, so its crunch time, and then I'll hopefully be able to jump back into blogging, full steam ahead.

Just know how much I love and adore each and every one of you! See you soon.



erika said...

Hope the next 3 weeks are as stress free as possible!

Lisha @ 1house1couple said...

Hope all is going well! Can't wait til you return to bloggy land, but I understand how it is! :)


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