The Yostie Award Goes To.....

Woohoo! I won an award! Lisha has awarded me The Yostie Award! Thanks, girly. To learn more about what that is, click here.

In turn, I'm awarding Alana of Mrs. Alana's Miscellany the award. Congratulations! I recently started following Alana  after seeing her name pop up a few times on other blogs I keep up with. I thought, "Oh, she sounds pretty cool!" so I hopped on over to her page and realized...she IS cool. Alana is a fellow military wife, married to an Airman, and she's super cute. Check her out!

Here are a few recent posts of hers that I especially enjoyed:
DIY Pegboard Jewelry Organizer: I loved this adorable and easy DIY project! Alana just used an everyday peg board to create a stylish display for her jewelry and it turned out great! I especially love her wedding hanger above it. I've been looking for a way to display mine, and I think she chose the perfect spot to show off her new last name.

Girl Talk: What To Wear To A Ball?: What's a girl to do when she's attending a military ball, but has no idea what to wear? Ask her friends, of course! I loved all of the dresses Alana showed off AND the one she ultimately chose - the pink. :)

Now, here are the rules for accepting this award:
  • First of all, you need to choose a blog that you’ve really been enjoying lately.
  • Go submit the blog you chose at the Yostie Blog Award Hall of Fame.
  • Then write a blog post honoring the blog you chose.
  • You must include two of your favorite blog posts from that blog to link to.
  • The post must include these rules.
  • Include the Yostie button somewhere in your sidebar:

 That's all! Congratulations again, Alana! 


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