I'm supposed to be writing a list of tips for the new girl, but I can't figure out how to put them into words. They're just inside me. I don't keep tabs on what tricks I've learned to entertain or comfort them...they just come. It's taken me a year to master what I have and even now, on occasion, I get stumped by these ever-changing little beings. Looking back at pictures from only ten months ago still makes me weepy for my little babies who are now walking, talking, growing toddlers. 

Aidan and Adam - 2.5 months
Adam - 3 months
Synchronized sleep shifting - 3 months
Widdle peanuts - 4 months
 It's hard not to take credit for them. I've raised them, after all. But I have to keep reminding myself that I am not their mother. I'm leaving in only seven short weeks. I will not be in their lives as they grow into toddlers, teenagers, and then adults. It's not my place to brag about them and show them off...but I do anyway. How could I not? 

Their first walk - 6 months
Adam, the puppy dog - 6 months
Sitting up - 6 months
Adam learning to crawl - 8 months
Aidan playing - 8 months
Learning to hold their own bottles - 9 months
Who needs toys? - 9 months
9 months
Sweet brothers - 9 months
Aidan buddy - 10 months
His "sexy pose" - 10 months
Eating avocado - 11 months
Big smiles - 11 months
First walk of the spring! - 11 months
Sleepin' after his first haircut - 11 months
Happy birthday, sweet boys!
Blurry one year olds - 12 months
Attack! - 12 months
Aidan checking on the traffic - 12 months
Camera thief - 12 months
My little loves - 12 months
 No one will ever understand the connection we have, we three - and I don't expect them to. We are the only ones who "get it". The boys may soon forget - my face, our experiences, my voice, our bond - but I will always remember.


erika said...

:( I can't imagine. I'm sure that's so hard.

Lisha @ 1house1couple said...

oh how sweet. I understand how you're feeling. Kyle and I took care of our niece and nephew for 6 months, they lived with us and everything. He was only 2, so he might not remember that time with us, but we always will... We don't have a connection with them anymore which is a long complicated story, but hopefully one day we will again...


Angela@veggievinyasa said...

Adorable smiles! There will always be a connection.

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