A New Chapter Begins

Saturday, March 31st 
I interviewed and was hired for a nannying position in Champaign. 

Thursday, April 5th 
My beloved twinsies turn ONE.

Tuesday, May 1st 
Joshua's ETS/terminal leave begins.

Monday, May 14th 
I begin training my replacement for my current job. 

Friday, May 25th 
My last day at my current job. 

Monday, May 28th 
Moving in with my parents for June and July. 

Wednesday, August 1st 
We move into our new, long-term (the next 4 years, baby!) home in Champaign. 

Monday, August 13th 
I start my new job. 

Monday, August 27th 
Joshua starts classes at the University of Illinois. 

Sometime In September
Joshua has his first drill with the Army Reserve.  

Bring it on, Life.


erika said...


whit | Black Little Button blog said...

Whoot! Best of luck to all! :)

Fran said...

Oh wow! You have some fun stuff coming up! best of luck with all of it :)

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