Bloom Into Spring Exchange: Show Off Your Loot!

Hello, lovelies!

I'm only stopping in for the Bloom Into Spring link-up, so don't get too excited. ;)

My partner was Taylor from Goings On In Texas. She is really sweet, smart, and her blog is just as cute as she is! Go check her out!

Taylor sent me this awesome stash of spring goodness.

She sent me an adorable card, a flip flop notepad and pen, 2 Spoiled nail polishes, and a cute pouch that I'll probably use to organize my purse. *Sigh* Reminds me of our awesome Hawaiian honeymoon (which I'll have to tell you about on the 1 year anniversary of our trip in June!) I love it all! Thanks so much, Taylor!

Don't forget to link up, show off your goodies, and check out Lisha's blog to see what everyone else received! Hope you're all enjoying April as it flies on by. :)


Cindy P said...

Oh whoops! I didn't realize that linking up under one of your sites would make the link show up on both! haha! Sorry mine is there twice. =/

Lisha @ 1house1couple said...

Oh how fun! That's really cool that it all reminds you of your honeymooon! how perfect! :)

Thanks for being such a great co-host, and for getting me in on this event, Meagan! :)


Bernadette said...

That pouch is too cute and I'm growing my nails (aka, not letting stress get to me) so that I can wear cute polish this year. Time will tell...


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