I don't have much time to write up a decent post (as it's 2am and my hubby will be home soon), but I just wanted to send you on a mission. If you want to know what I'm talking about, read the links below.

I don't usually talk about the military or get riled up about much concerning the military on the blog, but these are my sisters who are being hurt and harassed. It's time we did something about it. 

*If you'd like to take action on Twitter, just hop on over to my "Keep In Touch" tab and RT with the hashtag #istandwithmilwidows or send an email (already drafted by Taylor above!) to CBS.*


Bloom Into Spring Exchange: Show Off Your Loot!

Hello, lovelies!

I'm only stopping in for the Bloom Into Spring link-up, so don't get too excited. ;)

My partner was Taylor from Goings On In Texas. She is really sweet, smart, and her blog is just as cute as she is! Go check her out!

Taylor sent me this awesome stash of spring goodness.

She sent me an adorable card, a flip flop notepad and pen, 2 Spoiled nail polishes, and a cute pouch that I'll probably use to organize my purse. *Sigh* Reminds me of our awesome Hawaiian honeymoon (which I'll have to tell you about on the 1 year anniversary of our trip in June!) I love it all! Thanks so much, Taylor!

Don't forget to link up, show off your goodies, and check out Lisha's blog to see what everyone else received! Hope you're all enjoying April as it flies on by. :)



I'm supposed to be writing a list of tips for the new girl, but I can't figure out how to put them into words. They're just inside me. I don't keep tabs on what tricks I've learned to entertain or comfort them...they just come. It's taken me a year to master what I have and even now, on occasion, I get stumped by these ever-changing little beings. Looking back at pictures from only ten months ago still makes me weepy for my little babies who are now walking, talking, growing toddlers. 

Aidan and Adam - 2.5 months
Adam - 3 months
Synchronized sleep shifting - 3 months
Widdle peanuts - 4 months
 It's hard not to take credit for them. I've raised them, after all. But I have to keep reminding myself that I am not their mother. I'm leaving in only seven short weeks. I will not be in their lives as they grow into toddlers, teenagers, and then adults. It's not my place to brag about them and show them off...but I do anyway. How could I not? 

Their first walk - 6 months
Adam, the puppy dog - 6 months
Sitting up - 6 months
Adam learning to crawl - 8 months
Aidan playing - 8 months
Learning to hold their own bottles - 9 months
Who needs toys? - 9 months
9 months
Sweet brothers - 9 months
Aidan buddy - 10 months
His "sexy pose" - 10 months
Eating avocado - 11 months
Big smiles - 11 months
First walk of the spring! - 11 months
Sleepin' after his first haircut - 11 months
Happy birthday, sweet boys!
Blurry one year olds - 12 months
Attack! - 12 months
Aidan checking on the traffic - 12 months
Camera thief - 12 months
My little loves - 12 months
 No one will ever understand the connection we have, we three - and I don't expect them to. We are the only ones who "get it". The boys may soon forget - my face, our experiences, my voice, our bond - but I will always remember.


Wanna laugh?

So.....I don't know if you've seen this yet, but just in case you haven't.....

I love when she panics because she can't remember where she lives. Priceless. And Part 2 for shits and giggles.....

I seriously could NOT stop laughing. This chick cracks me up.

"What is this?"
"That's your tongue."

Bahaha! Enjoy your weekend, lovelies!

Friday Confessional

Today I'm linking up with Dandelion Wishes for the Friday Confessional! I apologize in advance for the lengthiness of this post. ;)

I confess...

I'm contemplating turning to The Dark Side. I've always been (and most likely, always will be) and Macaholic. I've only ever owned Apple computers, music devices, etc., with the exception of my first 3 phones.....but now I'm an addicted iPhone user. However, Josh sold back 30 leave days to purchase the brand new iPad (totaling around 850 buckaroos when you include shipping/handling and the Otter Box to protect it) and when it came, I was in awe. Literally drooling over it. For all of 5 minutes. I quickly got over it, realizing it's just a giant, glorified, over-hyped iPhone. I really don't see the point.

After reading this article on Yahoo! today, I was relieved to find that I wasn't the only Apple-lover to feel this way. If you read the article, Broida talks about how he's always been a dedicated Apple user and thought the new iPad would be a great investment. But when comparing it to the Kindle Fire he has on loan from Amazon...well, the iPad just wasn't worth the money. He gawks, saying that the Kindle Fire can do about 95% of what the iPad can do - apps, books, magazines, music, movies, etc. The only things it lacks are the retina screen, camera, ample storage space, and 4G capability - things I would rarely, if ever use anyway.

My point is that, when Josh offered to buy me a new iPad for my Christmas gift this year (yep, we think that far in advance!), I quickly - and sadly - declined. I just can't justify spending that ridiculous amount of money on a device I could compare to the Kindle Fire, which runs about $200 rather than the iPad's $800. Needless to say, I'm a tad disappointed in Apple this year, what with the lame iPhone 4S upgrade and the over-hyped iPad. *Tsk, tsk*

All of this to say, I need your help. I've been contemplating purchasing a tablet for quite a while (mainly for e-reading), but I'm not sure I'm ready to give up the nostalgic comfort of flipping through the pages of a physical book. I love the smell, dog-earring the page I left off on, having books on the shelf...I'm just not sure I'm ready to give that up for a screen with words on it, although it's a novel idea (punny joke, punny joke).

Do you own an e-reader of any sort? How do you feel about switching from paper to screen? Tell me your thoughts.


The Yostie Award Goes To.....

Woohoo! I won an award! Lisha has awarded me The Yostie Award! Thanks, girly. To learn more about what that is, click here.

In turn, I'm awarding Alana of Mrs. Alana's Miscellany the award. Congratulations! I recently started following Alana  after seeing her name pop up a few times on other blogs I keep up with. I thought, "Oh, she sounds pretty cool!" so I hopped on over to her page and realized...she IS cool. Alana is a fellow military wife, married to an Airman, and she's super cute. Check her out!

Here are a few recent posts of hers that I especially enjoyed:
DIY Pegboard Jewelry Organizer: I loved this adorable and easy DIY project! Alana just used an everyday peg board to create a stylish display for her jewelry and it turned out great! I especially love her wedding hanger above it. I've been looking for a way to display mine, and I think she chose the perfect spot to show off her new last name.

Girl Talk: What To Wear To A Ball?: What's a girl to do when she's attending a military ball, but has no idea what to wear? Ask her friends, of course! I loved all of the dresses Alana showed off AND the one she ultimately chose - the pink. :)

Now, here are the rules for accepting this award:
  • First of all, you need to choose a blog that you’ve really been enjoying lately.
  • Go submit the blog you chose at the Yostie Blog Award Hall of Fame.
  • Then write a blog post honoring the blog you chose.
  • You must include two of your favorite blog posts from that blog to link to.
  • The post must include these rules.
  • Include the Yostie button somewhere in your sidebar:

 That's all! Congratulations again, Alana! 


A New Chapter Begins

Saturday, March 31st 
I interviewed and was hired for a nannying position in Champaign. 

Thursday, April 5th 
My beloved twinsies turn ONE.

Tuesday, May 1st 
Joshua's ETS/terminal leave begins.

Monday, May 14th 
I begin training my replacement for my current job. 

Friday, May 25th 
My last day at my current job. 

Monday, May 28th 
Moving in with my parents for June and July. 

Wednesday, August 1st 
We move into our new, long-term (the next 4 years, baby!) home in Champaign. 

Monday, August 13th 
I start my new job. 

Monday, August 27th 
Joshua starts classes at the University of Illinois. 

Sometime In September
Joshua has his first drill with the Army Reserve.  

Bring it on, Life.


Book Swap Loot!

Hello, lovelies!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and are ready to face the week with your head held high - I know I am...considering this week should fly by (what with having Good Friday off and the twinsies turning ONE). More on that to come, but for now, I've got a little treat for you!

Today, I'm linking up with Heather to show off my book swap loot! Jamie was such a fantastic, sweet partner and I'm SO glad we were put together. We've got similar taste in books (bring on the cheesy chick lit!) and hit it off right away. I love swaps, hops, link-ups, etc. because they give you a chance to meet other awesome bloggers and create friendships, which is exactly what happened in this situation! :)

Here are the books that Jamie sent me:

I'm so excited to start reading them! She recommends them as some of her favorites, so I'm sure I'll enjoy them as well. Can't wait to dive into them over the summer! :) Thanks again, Jamie! You're awesome!

Reminder: Bloom Into Spring Exchange!

Just a reminder to everyone.....

Don't forget to ship your Exchange package to your partner by this Wednesday, April 4th! Mine's all set and ready to go. Is yours?

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at snoopys_sweetheart{at}hotmail{dot}com.

Happy Monday! :)