Weekend Recap

This past weekend my cousin Rebekah, and her husband, Scott came in town to visit us and another friend of theirs. It was so much fun getting to see them "on our turf" and showing them around. :)

Thursday night we went to Hops for dinner.

Friday night we went to Carlyle for dinner and then headed back to our apartment to play some games. They introduced us to Carcassonne and we introduced them to Fluxx.

On Saturday I did lots of cleaning, cooking, and laundry while Josh worked and Rebekah and Scott wandered D.C. doing touristy things. In the afternoon J and I took a trip to the commissary (bad idea the day after payday!) to get our grocery shopping done.

Then, on Sunday Josh and I joined Rebekah, Scott, their friend Tina, and her boyfriend Jonah in D.C. We toured the Hirshhorn Museum of Contemporary Art, visited Eastern Market just as they were closing up shop, and went up to the second highest point in D.C. - The Old Post Office Pavilion Clock Tower. We actually enjoyed the view from the OPOP Clock Tower better than the view from the Washington Monument because you can actually see the monument from the tower. :) Such a great weekend to live in the DMV.

An awkward, but interesting sculpture at the Hirshhorn Museum.
The Washington Monument from the OPOP Clock Tower.
The Capitol Building from the OPOP Clock Tower. 

The gorgeous architecture of The Old Post Office.


Lisha @ 1house1couple said...

Sounds like you guys had a nice weekend of fun and balance... sometimes it's also nice to get chores done... then you don't have that hanging over your head when you go to an art museum :)


Megan said...

Oh, wow. The old post office is stunning!! That sculpture is pretty creepy, though. Haha!

whit | Black Little Button blog said...

I just found your blog! So cute! I would love if you could come check out my blog, and maybe we could follow each other?

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