Friday Confessional

Today's Friday (after midnight...so today's Saturday)! Time to do a very late link-up with Dandelion Wishes! 


I confess... Hubby introduced me to golden Oreos on Sunday and then LEFT for the whole week...leaving his precious golden Oreos behind. They've been staring me down all week.

I confess... All I ate was junk while he was gone. Does anyone else do this when their hubby's out of town?

I confess...There were multiple instances in which I was ready to wring someone's neck this week.

I confess... I caved and bought myself April's Cosmo.

I confess... I had never heard of The Hunger Games until the trailers came out for the movie and everyone was going nuts over it.

I confess... My friend Cortney and I had a girls night tonight (where we planned on getting d-runk), but 2 drinks and 2 movies in we were already falling asleep...at 11. Can you say "old"?

I confess... Joshua comes home tomorrow night and I could not be more excited. I'm planning on picking up his brand new iPad in the morning and spending the rest of the day cleaning the apartment, awaiting his return. :)

Blurry picture of my love while on our way to Hawaii!


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