Eleven Things {Pt. 2}

Earlier this week I answered Cindy's 11 questions and told you a little about myself. Today I'm continuing the post with Lisha's questions and my tags/questions for a few of you lucky readers. :)

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Lisha's Questions For Me
1. Do you believe in God? If so, why? If not, why not? Yes. I do believe in God. I grew up in a Christian home, going to church, and attending a private Christian school. I had Christianity shoved down my throat from a very early age, but in high school was very turned off by the hypocrisy of most of the "Christians" I knew. Now, after re-evaluating my faith as a free-thinking adult, I can honestly say I believe in God for a million and one reasons, most of which don't come from anything I learned in church.

2. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? Hm...this is a toughy! I'd love to live in the PNW somewhere or in Colorado, but I love living in Illinois too. :)

3. What's your favorite thing to do in your spare time? This might sound weird, but in my spare time I LOVE to cook and clean. Can you say "sexy housewife?" 

4. What's your favorite thing to cook/bake? I love anything I can throw in the Crock-Pot, but I also love making recipes my mom made for me when I was growing up - Lil Cheddar Meatloaves, Spinach Spaghetti Pie, etc. 

5. What is the meaning of life, to you? Wow. Deep questions, Lisha! :) To me, life is all about relationships. The people you love and the people who love you. It's about being the best you for you and for them because in the end, the people you cherish are the ones who will be by your side 'til the end. 

6. What type of car do you drive? It depends. Haha! I drive a boat 2006 Ford Taurus SE as my everyday car, but on days Josh lets me I drive a 2012 Nissan Altima Coupe. Best (and biggest) purchase we've ever made.

7. What's your favorite band/musical artist? I absolutely love Sugarland, Lady Antebellum, and Little Big Town. I'm kind of a southern soul.

8. What was the last good movie you watched? I recently watched He's Just Not That Into You with my friend Cort, and to be honest, it just pissed me off. I wanted to just reach in the screen and chopped Bradley Cooper's penis off. Disgusting. In other news, the last GOOD movie I watched was probably 13 Going On 30. 

9. Do you have any strange, unusual, or just plain cool talents? Nope. I'm boring! 

10. What do you think is your weirdest quirk? Probably that I cry at just about anything, whether they be happy tears or sad tears. I cry at EVERYTHING.

11. Did you ever get to go on vacation with your family as a kid, if so where, and did you like it there? Yes! My parents were amazing. Every year we would take some sort of family vacation. We've been to almost every state in the U.S....probably only 10 states we haven't visited. Josh's family was also very into traveling, so we hope to tote our child around the globe when he/she is old enough to enjoy it. :)

Whew! I've just given 11 facts about myself and answered 22 questions! Now to come up with 11 questions for a few lucky readers...hm...

My 11 Questions 
1. In a perfect world, what does your life look like? Kids, house, travel, job, etc.?
2. What is your fondest childhood memory?
3. Make-A-Wish style...If you were given the chance to complete one dream before you die, what would it be? 
4. What's your favorite book/author/genre to read? 
5. What is the worst job you've ever had and what is the hardest job you've ever had?
6. What's your favorite form of exercise?
7. If you could throw any kind of party, what would it be like and what would it be for?
8. What would you name the autobiography of your life?
9. I just handed you $10,000 cash. You must spend/invest/donate it today. What are you going to do with it?
10. What is the one drink that is guaranteed to get you drunk. Every. Single. Time?
11. How do you sleep at night - curled up, on your stomach, on your back, one leg hanging off the bed?

I tag.....
Erika @ Chambanachik 


Cindy P said...

Aw man! I wanna answer your questions. These are awesome! lol

Lisha @ 1house1couple said...

I feel the same way about Christianity. In fact, I rarely go to church because of my issues on that. I also believe in God for reasons other than what I've learned in church. I've learned about the real Him more through life and faith.

aw. Why does Josh get to have the cool car? lol!

haha! I've not seen he's just not that into you. I love 13 going on 30. One of the best movies out there. so fun :)


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