Red-Letter Day

One year ago today I stepped off a plane in Baltimore. Joshua picked me up and took me back to the barracks so I could change my clothes and freshen up. We had a few appointments to keep, so we were on a strict schedule. I remember freaking out that we wouldn't make it to the courthouse before it closed when I received a call from my new boss saying that she had been admitted to the hospital because she was contracting (at only 24 weeks!) which made me freak out even more. I was so flustered that I smeared mascara all over my cheek, which obviously made it even harder to get out the door on time.

We sped to the courthouse, but forgot that it costs $1.00 in quarters to park, so we dug around in my purse and in Josh's car until we found the change. Then we ran across the parking lot, jumped across the street, and into the courthouse. The security guard promptly sent us away because we couldn't bring in cell phones or cameras, so we rented a locker from the building next door (more digging for change) and ran back to the courthouse.

It turned out that we arrived just in time! They were ready to close up shop when we arrived, with another couple trailing slightly behind, but the secretary was kind enough to let us both get our marriage licenses.

After filling out all the necessary paperwork and getting our marriage license (!) we left the courthouse with smiles plastered on our faces and walked a block down the street to the little brick building where we would officially tie the knot. Gerald Williams, the sweet old man that married us, was excited to see us and we got straight down to business.

We said our vows, our friend Jake took a few pictures of us, and Mr. Williams signed and filed our marriage certificate. Before leaving that day, he played a little joke on Joshua.

It was nontraditional and unexpected to most, but it was perfect. Every time I look back at these pictures I can't help but smile. Such fond memories of the beginning of our life together. :) 

It's so crazy to think that it's already been one year since we became husband and wife. The novelties have yet to wear off; being called "Mrs. Nix," waking up with my best friend by my side, coming home to a warm smile and a kiss, and my heart still skips a beat each time he calls me his wife. 

This past year has taught me so much about him, myself, and marriage. I've realized that I'm more selfish and clueless than I'd thought. But I've also learned that there is no one else on this earth that I would give up all my selfish ambitions for and I've come to know that no matter how clueless I might be at times, Josh will always be there to pick up the pieces and say, "Let's give that another try."

I can't believe how quickly this year has flown by and I can't wait for 50 more years like it. :)


Lisha @ 1house1couple said...

lol! wow, crazy day! I get what you mean about realizing how selfish you are when you get married. Suddenly you have to always think of someone else first besides yourself. I think I enjoyed my first year of marriage a lot because it was new, and then my second year of marriage I kind of felt tied down and wanted freedom. Not freedom to do anything wrong, just freedom to do whatever I wanted without thinking of Kyle first. I know that sounds totally horrible, but I think I was just exhausted from always putting him first and thinking more about what he wanted than what I wanted. Even thinking about what to make for dinner got me frustrated because I knew that if I was alone I would be fine with a bowl of cereal, cheese and crackers, or a microwaved bean and cheese burrito. It's very important to have balance and not forget who you are as a person and make sure you do some of the things you enjoy. I've since stopped worrying about the little things and also have realized that Kyle also doesn't care what's for dinner. lol... it's crazy the smallest things that can get to us. Anyway, wow, this was not intended to be a negative comment because I truly love being married to Kyle. I wouldn't have it any other way, and I always say, he's the better half. He doesn't seem to ever have a problem with always putting me first, lol!

Like you, I also still like it when Kyle calls me his wife. I don't think that will ever get old. Sometimes I sit and think of how amazed I am that I'm married to him.

Anyway, I wish you and Josh tons of joy together for all your years of life :)


erika said...

So sweet! :) Happy anniversary!

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