Today's our first anniversary. 

 We exchanged "handmade" gifts (the traditional 1st anniversary gift is paper) and ate waffles for breakfast. 

I have so many blog posts I want/need to write, but I'm too busy watching my sweet husband nap on the living room floor while I wait for the banana bread to finish baking.

Today we're going to Georgetown to be "tourists" and get some delicious cupcakes to celebrate this milestone in our relationship.

Then we'll return home to cuddle up on the couch and watch some Harry Potter (or Bridesmaids, if I win the coin toss). 

After that, we'll probably fall asleep laughing at each other, reminiscing about where we were this time last year. 

And I'll leave the blogging for tomorrow.

Photography by TimTabStudios


Lisha @ 1house1couple said...

awww! congratulations! happy 1 year anniversary! I love love! you guys are awesome, and those are such lovely pictures of your wedding :)

I hope you had tons of fun celebrating!


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