One Year Anniversary Recap

This past Saturday was our first anniversary! Hooray! We made it an entire year! ;)

We've got big plans to travel to New York City in April to celebrate, but we also wanted to have a little fun on the actual date of our anniversary, so we exchanged gifts before heading out for the afternoon. The traditional first anniversary gift is "paper," so we tried to stick to that as the basis for our gifts to each other.

Joshua's gift to me? A Starbucks cup that he decorated himself! 

What was inside? A Starbucks gift card and a cheapo watch (as a joke) that Josh found on one of his buses (which is the modern first anniversary gift).
He re-loaded my old Starbucks card and attached a pile of Post-Its. He said whenever I want him to do anything, I just write my request on it and he'll do it, no questions asked. :) 

My gift to Joshua was somewhat similar. I made him a slew of scratch off tickets! For the printable and tutorial, click here. Whenever he wants to use a ticket, he'll just scratch it off and I'll do whatever it says, no questions asked. The tickets are good for things like breakfast in bed, a 15 minute back rub, dressing me however he pleases for a date night, and of course I threw one in there for...sex on command. ;)

I "delivered" them in this cute mailbox from Target.
He loved it!
After exchanging gifts we headed to Georgetown for the afternoon. We took the Metro, walked across Key Bridge (named after Francis Scott Key), explored the shops, and got a half dozen cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes. And yes, they are worth the $17 you pay for a half dozen delicious cupcakes.

I never get dressed up to go anywhere, so today was my one chance!
I even blow-dried my hair and put on make-up! 
Riding one of D.C.'s many eternal escalators.
Haha! He thought I was going to make a funny face and I thought he was going to make a serious face. Oh well. :)
We ended the day by watching Bridesmaids and eating Chipotle. It was such a perfect day.

So that's what we did to celebrate our first year of marriage! We can't wait to keep the celebration going in April when we spend a weekend in NYC! :)


erika said...

That is too cute! I gotta say, he needs to clue Sky in on that Starbucks gift-perfect! :)

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