March Sponsor Swap

Good morning, lovelies!

I've got a fabulous opportunity for you! Since partnering with Lisha in a sponsor swap last month, I've realized that trading buttons with and writing about your favorite blogs is an easy (and free!) way to get your name out in the blog world!

Not only does a sponsor swap spread your blog's awesomeness through other people's blogs, but it gives you the opportunity to get to know bloggers better, creating friendship! That's probably one of the greatest benefits of reading other blogs.

For the month of February I swapped buttons with and featured Lisha and Kyle from One House, One Couple and LOVED. IT. It was super simple and I love that we actually read each others blogs. I think that's really important. Please, don't sponsor Local at Last unless you genuinely enjoy reading. I don't want you to feel that you must because I'm asking you to.

The details? Pretty simple, really!
1. Email me at snoopys_sweetheart@hotmail.com if you're interested in swapping sponsorship with me for the month of March.
2. Create a blog button (great tutorial here) and type up a little blurb describing yourself and your blog and email it to me. I'll do the same and email it you!
3. After that, we'll each post about the sponsor swap, including each others information and button and add the button to the sidebar for the month of March.

Sounds easy, right? That's because it is! If you'd like to see an example of what a featured post looks like on my blog, click here. Another example is Lisha's February sponsor post.

So if you're interested in free publicity and free networking, feel free to shoot me an email! I can't wait to make this a regular thing and get to know all of you wonderful bloggers!


Lisha @ 1house1couple said...

yay! yes, sponsor swapping is fun :)

everyone, join up!

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