About a month ago I found this post on Jamie's blog (you know, the host of WILW!) and thought it'd be fun to do one of my own. Enjoy!

If I could live anywhere in the US... I'd choose to live in Naperville, IL (where we grew up) or Portland, Oregon or somewhere in Colorado.

If I were to have more children... we're DINKS for the next 4 or 5 years, but when we do become parents we'll be ecstatic. :)

If I could have any talent in the world... it'd be to sing like Kelly Clarkson or Adele. Swoon!

If you met me in real life... I'm not sure how you'd feel. From my writing style, what do you think I'd be like in real life? Maybe I'll do a vlog sometime to show you a little more of my personality. ;)

If money were not an object... Josh and I would take a few years off from real life, travel the world, donate money to Wounded Warrior, and grow our family. If only...

If I could meet one celebrity... Sandra Bullock. Of all the actresses in Hollywood, I consider her the strongest and the most real. 

If I could only shop at one store for the rest of my life... Target. Duh. 

If I could chose one animal/pet... I've always wanted a little turtle...or a hedgehog. :)

If I could go on a trip right now... I'd drag Joshua all over the Czech Republic and Poland. I've been dying to go back since I left there so many summers ago. 

If I had to choose between a house cleaner and a personal chef... I'd choose neither. I love to do housework and cook! The only issue is finding time to do it when I'm not working. Haha! 

Let me know if you do this little survey - I'd love to learn more about YOU!  


Lisha @ 1house1couple said...

Hi Meagan, cool :)

I also would want to meet Sandra Bullock and I also would choose Target!

I also think that if I knew you in real life, we'd probably be good friends :)

As for a cook or a cleaner. I don't really like doing either, but I don't think I'd like someone doing it for me either! lol!

I'm gonna do this survey and I'll comment again with the link :)

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