Happy Birthday My Ass

Yes, I just swore in the title of this post. This is my blog, if you don't like what I write, you have the freedom to leave. Just a warning though, if you decide to stick around for this post expect quite a bit of bitching...and swearing.

These past few weeks have been pure shit. I worked 10 days in a row with teething twins who wouldn't stop screaming (for those of you who haven't experienced this all on your own, it's a living nightmare), one of those days was my 21st birthday, and I was supposed to get Monday off but at the last second my boss absolutely had to have me come in that day. So I worked Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Just to clarify, I worked five 13-hour workdays, then 72 hours straight (while my employers were enjoying themselves in Jamaica), then 5 hours Monday, 15 hours Tuesday, and 3 hours Wednesday. IN. A. ROW. ON. MY. BIRTHDAY.

Needless to say, I was exhausted and stressed beyond belief. I'd practically lived at work the past 10 days so my own house/laundry/husband, etc. was falling to pieces because I hadn't been there to take care of it. So I spent the rest of my Wednesday and all of today cleaning the apartment, doing laundry, and making sure I actually cooked a real meal for my husband (who has been working equally hard, I might add). Things were starting to fall back into place.

Then today, I remembered that my mom had told me LAST Monday to keep my eye out for a package she was sending me for my birthday. It still hadn't arrived so I sent her a text asking if she had the tracking number. A few minutes later I got a call from my dad saying he was on the phone with Amazon customer service and that the package had, in fact, been delivered. I immediately knew what had happened. Someone in our building had stolen the gift my parents had thoughtfully sent me, and I am 95% sure of who it was. Amazon was gracious enough to send a replacement with free 2 day shipping for the hassle (even though it wasn't their fault), but that doesn't erase the fact that someone is so heartless that they'd steal something that rightfully belonged to one of their own neighbors.

This isn't the first time this has happened - a few weeks back the cops came angrily banging on our neighbor's door and a few weeks before that, our other neighbor, someone Josh and I both know and trust, said he'd been waiting for a very important package for a while and had never received it even though the shipping service said it'd been delivered. It just breaks my heart that people could be so cruel and selfish as to steal things from people who live right next door.

On top of these things, I'm just feeling generally discouraged about my birthday "celebration" tomorrow night. In part, because the events leading up to it this week have worn me down and convinced me that I'm just not getting a birthday this year. And because two of the guys I invited will be on mission to Fort Benning until Monday, my friend is extremely busy with school and work, her husband has been sick with the flu, and the only other person invited outside of Joshua and myself probably has to work. I've decided not to get my hopes up for tomorrow, but to hold out for Saturday when I can get absolutely shit wasted playing beer pong and doing shots of UV Cake and forget that this week even happened.

So that's my 21st birthday for ya. Exciting, isn't it?


Dani said...

Oh no!! Have you tried leaving a sign that says 'do not leave packages at the door'? I have one of those up, and UPS/Fed-Ex just make me go to their office to pick it up. It's a hassle, but better than having my things stolen.

Unknown said...

Happy birthday sweet girl! I am so sorry that these horrible things have happened, but I'm sure that your weekend will make up for it!

erika said...

I hope you get to make up for it! That's a rough day. :(

Faith said...

that really stinks. sorry to hear that it was a rough day. not a fun way to bring in your 21st. i hope that it gets better and that this weekend you can enjoy celebrating somehow.

but nevertheless, happy birthday.

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