An Apology & A Recap

*Disclaimer: This post is pretty rough because im posting from my phone. Will edit later!*

I just wanted to take a moment and apologize to you. The post I published a few days back regarding my horrible 2 weeks/birthday is not what I want my blog to be. It was selfish, childish, and rude - the exact opposite of what I want this haven to portray about me.

I want Local at Last to be a positive place to catch up on my life, not a page you hate clicking because you're afraid of what obnoxious post awaits you.

That being said, I want and need to apologize to you, readers. I'm very sorry for my outburst. While my rant/complaint/bitching was much needed for my sanity, you should not be the ones to bear the burden. But I thank you for all of your encouraging comments. At least I know that when I'm having "one of those days/weeks" you'll always be willing to cheer me up. Thank you!

Now, onto my birthday recap!

On February 5th (yes, Super Bowl Sunday) I turned 21. As I mentioned in my earlier birthday post, I was working that day (as well as the 7 before it and the 3 after it), so let's just fast-forward to this past weekend!

On Friday, Josh and I were supposed to go out to dinner with a group of friends to celebrate my birthday. Everyone bailed. So I put my big girl panties on and said, "Screw 'em!" and Josh and I enjoyed a night out together. :) I stocked up on some cheap wine and made myself a chocolatini. Delicious!

The next day I received a few gifts! I got Tortuga Rum Cake and Godiva Liquer from my employers (fresh from Jamaica, mon!), flowers and a few purse organizers from my hubby, a Zyliss chopper from my parents, and a few gifts I have yet to open from my employers sister-in-law (thanking me for watching the twins while everyone was in Jamaica).

I had a hyped-up vision of what my 21st birthday would be like. It turned out exactly the opposite, but at the end if the day, spending those days with my husband is what got me out of my funk. :) I love him.


Faith said...

even though your friends bailed on your birthday dinner it sounds like you had a great birthday celebration with your hubby! you got some amazing gifts too!

and no need to apologize. our blogs are for us to let it out. sometimes it is easier to write it down. we all have days like that, trust me :)

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