Christmas At Our Place {Belated}

Well, hello there!
After a 2 week vacation for Christmas and New Years, Josh and I have been busy working our booties off, so I haven't had a good chunk of time to sit down and recap our holidays! I understand that this is very late and that I'm very behind, but I don't care. I feel like sharing anyway! :)

Josh and I both worked half days on December 21st so that we could pack up the car and tie up loose ends before heading to Chicago. That night, before we left, we decided to have breakfast for dinner and open our stockings. But before I show you that, I need to show you our Christmas decorations!

Adorable bucket from Target.
Fruity candy canes!
Charlie Brown nativity from Josh's parents.
Our stockings hung on the entertainment center. Red is mine, green is hubby's.
Our adorable tabletop Christmas tree.
Closer up.
Our cute little personalized ornament.
More candy canes!
The Christmas card display. Thanks for the idea, Pinterest!
Josh's light up Snoopy.
He changes color!
Now on to the good stuff. I'm so glad we had the chance to open stockings together before all of the holiday hype back home. :) It was such a hectic trip and sitting back, relaxing with my hubby beforehand was such a fun time.

Where we hung our stockings this year.
Josh with his stocking. :)
My stocking (excuse the pj's).
We both got a Pez dispenser!
He got me a Starbucks giftcard!
Josh's Pez dispenser.
I got him a tiny pack of Kahlua coffee.
And Santa's Coal bubble gum...because he's naughty. ;) Keepin' it real, yo!
 And there you go! Christmas at our place before the craziness of our trip home. :) Later this week I'll be posting a few more holiday recaps, and since we're about a month and a half from our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY, I'll be posting more wedding recaps as well. :) Stay tuned!


Lisha said...

I really like the stalkings, the cute bucket from Target and your tabletop tree :)


Faith said...

i love your stockings! and i want Snoopy too!

Morgan said...

Aw! So fun! Love that you guys had stockings - I haven't ever done those before. What a fun time. =)

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