The Race to Adulthood

This weekend I found out some news that should have made me happy - an old friend of mine announced that she was pregnant. Normally, I WOULD be happy about this news, but since the day we met this girl has made her life a contest, a race against mine.

When she and I met, Josh and I had been dating for a year and were recently engaged. She immediately gave her boyfriend of 2 years an ultimatum. When he didn't deliver, she cheated on him and dumped him...for a guy in the military. Then Josh and I got married in under 4 months and she was engaged to her new boyfriend by the end of that year.

Soon after they got engaged, she moved across the country to live with him and started nannying...for twin girls. Go figure. At first I assumed that marrying men in the military and moving to the East Coast was just a coincidence, but this new development proved that she wasn't just in a similar place in life; she was deliberately copying my life and racing to the "finish line."

This August, they got married, started trying to conceive immediately, closed on a house last week, and announced they were pregnant this weekend. And by the way she's acted from Day 1, I see that all of this is a way for her to "get ahead." It's her way of beating me at life.

But what's winning if its not real? What is having it all if your marriage isn't for love? What is it worth if you're only having a child to say you did it before everybody else? Why go into debt to purchase a house when its only to rub it in everyone's faces?

At this point in the game, I don't WANT to have it all - the cars, the house, the dream job, the offspring. Its so much work and neither Josh nor I have the time or energy to keep up with the responsibilities all those "adult successes" entail.

Right now, I don't want to have it all. I just want to have it all together.


Ornament Swap Reveal!

Happy Friday, lovelies!

A few weeks back I signed up for one of the most popular swaps I've seen this season! I'm sure you've heard of Erin from Living in Yellow (and if you haven't - go now). She and Jessa from Dreaming of Dimples hosted a ginormous ornament round-robin of sorts and it was amazing to see the turn out!

My "sender" was Mary from Little Bit of Sass, Little Bit of Class and my "receiver" was Meesh from Finding Michelina (hop over to her blog to see what I sent her)!

Here's the goodies Mary sent me! I love stars at Christmastime and this one was so pretty and simple. I mean, who doesn't love gold and glitter??? And those gift tags are too adorable! 

And have you seen her sah-weeeet blog stamp? So jealous. 
Thank you for my ornament, Mary! I love it!
And thank you, Erin and Jessah, for hosting such a fun, sweet swap! I loved participating. :)


Jingle Bell Rock Mixed 'Tape' Reveal!

Happy December, my friends! 

Remember a few weeks back when Sara, Meghan, and I announced our Christmas mixed 'tape' swap? The reveal is finally here! 

I love the Christmas season so much and receiving my swap CD from Ashley on the first day of December was the perfect way to kick off the Christmas spirit. I can't tell you how giddy I was to find it in my mailbox - I literally tore into it before I even got upstairs to my apartment! 

Ashley’s Carnival Ride

Ashley blogs over at Ashley's Carnival Ride and is such a sweetheart. We had fun getting to know each other a bit over Twitter and her blog is adorable! You probably know her from the Sunday Social link-up that she hosts with Neely

When I opened my package, I found a lovely card and a sweet note from Ashley. :) Then I saw that the entire CD was COUNTRY CHRISTMAS MUSIC! A combo of my favorite kinds of music (country and Christmas...if you couldn't already tell). I don't own any country music, so I am so psyched to start jamming to it. 

Thank you so much, Ashley! You were a great partner and I'm so happy to have met another bloggy friend! 

Don't forget to link up your reveal post below! I can't wait to see what great music you've swapped. :)


The Importance of Dinner Tables & Bedtimes

As all of us old, married folk know, marriage is hard work. It's quite possibly even the hardest work - with parenting being a close second.

It's hard enough finding a decent man these days, but then, when you snag him you have to keep that relationship afloat for the next 60+ years without killing each other. And on top of all this there are jobs that need attending, kids that need care, dinner that needs to be made, laundry that needs to be washed, a house that needs to be cleaned, and bills that need to be payed. Oh...and we can't forget sleep. Where does your marriage (that made all of this possible) fit in? You know what I'm talking about. If you nodded your head to any of the above, please keep reading. This is for you.

I feel as if my husband and I have done it all (minus buying a house and pushing out babies). And sometimes, doing it all can get extremely stressful and you forget to relax and just be with your spouse. I'll be the first to raise my hand. I know my Type-A, go-go-go self would rather get the dishes done than sit back and chill with my man. But too much of that attitude got us in trouble. Big trouble.

The constant effort to get things done and time spent away from each other for work and school eventually added up and turned our precious, newborn marriage into a pile of crap. I'd care more about disinfecting the bathroom than I would about sitting down to eat dinner at the same time Josh did. And he was just as guilty - when I did sit down with him, his eyes (and brain) were glued to the TV. We were passively neglecting each other.

Neither of us really addressed it until I was home alone one night while Josh was away for work (for 11 days!) and I hardly even noticed because I was so busy doing, rather than being. As I got into bed that night and felt the empty side of the bed where my husband's warm body would usually be, I felt it. Loneliness. But how could I feel lonely? I was happily married! As I played through all of the reasons I could feel this way, I put two and two together and realized we'd been doing marriage all wrong.

I called Josh the next day and explained my heartache to him and he said he had also been feeling that way. I couldn't believe we'd been so negligent of something we once desperately longed for.

Since that day, we've made it a point to sit down together when we eat dinner and to go to bed together each night. Even when we haven't seen each other and have been go-go-going all day, those few minutes of peace together are refreshing. It has made all the difference in our relationship. We're less snappy, more playful, and just all around happier spending time together. Isn't that what marriage is all about?

Do you have a daily ritual with your significant other to enhance your relationship? What is a tip or advice that has refreshed your marriage? 


Overwhelmed & Computer-less

Hello, loves! 

As you can tell, I've been pretty non-existent on the blog lately. A lot has been happening on my end and every time I had the opportunity to sit down and blog, I just couldn't find my mojo. That and anytime I did have mojo, Josh was using the computer for school - which, unfortunately, trumps blogging.

Too much stuff has been clogging up my brain and my heart. The inspiration wasn't there and I refuse to bang out a half-hearted post just because. Amazingly, I haven't lost any readers during my hiatus (you guys are so good to me) and, not that numbers matter, but it was reassuring to know that you'd be here whenever I decided to return. So thank you for sticking around. 

That being said, I thought I'd give you a snippet of an update on the happenings in the Nixdorf household these past few months. 

- I hosted a Christmas music swap with Meghan and Sara. I can't wait to get my CD and get in the Christmas spirit! 
- I also hosted a coffee and tea lover's swap. There were a few bumps in the road, but everyone's packages turned out wonderfully! 
- I started seeing a psychiatrist and have begun a steady regimen of medication for mild bipolar depression (more on this later). I've been keeping a 'journal' of sorts on my Instagram about how I'm adjusting to the medication. You can see that here
- A week after I started my new medication I found out that I was losing my job for financial reasons on my employer's part. I was devastated, but I'm using this as an opportunity to start a 'Big Girl' job.
- Because of this I've been applying and interviewing all over Chambana, which has been exhausting, to say the least.
- We've gotten a lot of decorating/organizing done around the apartment and even bought new furniture off of Craigslist. 
- We spent Thanksgiving up north with both of our families together! I am so blessed that our families get along and enjoy each other's company. 
- We celebrated Josh's birthday at Firehaus (they've got some awesome fries) and he got a TON of great gifts. 
- Josh has taken a permanent leave of absence from the Reserves. When his paperwork is cleared in January, he will no longer be in the Reserves. It was costing us more money than he was making to attend drill weekends and the time away was affecting his school work and our marriage. So the ultimate decision was to let it go and we are SO glad we did. 
- We started We Are The Losers: a weight-loss wager. There are 13 people in the group and whoever loses the most weight at the end of 12 weeks wins the pot! So far, it has been so encouraging. I've re-started tracking my food and water, but I need to get better at the exercising...that's always my downfall. 

So that's what we've been up to lately. If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or are friends with me on Facebook you've already seen all of this, so I apologize. But for those of you still reading, all I can say is thank you for sticking around my humble corner of the web. You are awesome.

*P.S. When I hit 100 followers I'll be having a big ol' giveaway!*


Jingle Bell Rock: A Holiday Mixed 'Tape' Swap

Good morning, lovelies!

I have yet another exciting swap for you today!

I'm partnering with Meghan from Shine On and Sara from You & Me Are We to bring you.....

What are the details of this swap?

November 5 - November 11: Sign-ups will take place! Use the form below to sign up.
Monday, November 12: Sara, Meagan and Meghan will send you your swap partner.
Monday, November 19: Packages have been sent!
Monday, December 3: Link-up with Sara, Meagan and Meghan to share your track lists!

Cheap! The costs of a disc/case + shipping. It should cost no more than $5-7 total.

Help us spread the word!
We'd love to have as many people sign up as possible. If able & willing, we'd love for you to help us by adding our button to your blog, in addition to pinning, sharing, and/or tweeting about the swap! 

It's time to spread holiday cheer! Join @MeghanGranito, @Local_at_Last & @YouAndMeAreWe for a Holiday Mixed CD Swap! http://bit.ly/KtEsBY

Additional Information:
Friendly Introductions: Please head over to your partner's blog so that you can get to know them. We recommend shooting your partner an e-mail to see if there are any artists/CDs he/she already have - that way we aren't sending duplicate jams. Also, make sure to grab their mailing address!
Package Nicely: Make sure the CD is in a case and/or packaged properly. We do not want any broken CDs.
Delivery is Important: We suggest adding some sort of tracking to your package so that you and your partner confirm they were sent and delivered. This is completely optional and at the discretion of you & your partner.

Because of the assigned schedule, please adhere to these guidelines to ensure that you meet the deadline. Swaps are only fun when both parties participate, so please be sure not to leave your partner hanging!

If you do sign up and are unable to complete this swap, please let one of the hosts know ASAP, so that we can reassign partners.

Join In!


Get Your Java On Swap Link-Up

Hello loves. 

I'm back shortly today to show off my awesome treats I received from Meghan over at Shine On. Meghan is such a sweetheart. She's a social media junkie and recently moved from Tennessee to Seattle to be closer to home. Jump over to her adorable blog and say 'hello!'

Here's what Meghan got me (and you'll have to see her post today to see how alike we are)! :)

Isn't this packaging just adorable?!?
Meghan got me a polka dot mug, Essie {Recessionista}, Mambas, caramel apple coffee, Tazo tea,  Ice Breakers for my coffee breath, and a cinnamon cider candle. 
I loved everything she got me (and Josh has been stealing my Mambas ;) ). Thanks so much, Meghan!!! 

Don't forget to link up your swap reveal posts below. Can't wait to see what everyone got from their partners. :)


Jodi from Sweets and Shutterclicks was without a partner at the last minute, so Josh stepped in and offered to put together a package for her. Jodi was sweet enough to swap with him. Here's what he got!

Chai tea, a travel mug, 2 packets of flavored coffee, an adorable pumpkin, Halloween cupcake liners, and a sweet glow in the dark cup. He loves his first swap package! :)
Thanks, Jodi!


Grown-Up Friends

Happy Monday, loves!

Today, I'll be talking about something a little...taboo, if you will. Making friends.

Sometimes life gets busy, especially life with the military. You're constantly moving to a new city, setting up shop, and getting acquainted just to pick up and do it all over again next year. Not to mention the fact that we all have lives, right? We work and we have a home and families that need tending to, so it's difficult to carve out time to build relationships with others.

It's uncomfortable to admit because it seems so silly and unimportant, but it's extremely challenging to make friends as adults.

As kids, it was easy. Children are open-minded and curious. Making friends just came naturally to us then because we were always around the same people and we weren't so afraid to look stupid. Now, there are so many insecurities holding us back that I think we hide behind our busyness to avoid having to step out of our comfort zones, for fear of looking foolish.

I've had my share of life's busy periods and I've hid behind them out of fear. That fear has cost me many opportunities to form relationships with other women, and has, in turn, left me lonely and wanting.

While my husband is a fantastic friend and incredibly patient listener, he can never take the place of a great girlfriend. We all need the kind of friend we can call just to enjoy a chick flick and a glass of wine with. We need the kind of friends who will notice when we're hurting or slacking or just plain lost and who will give us that encouragement (or maybe a swift kick in the rear!) to push us forward. You deserve it. I deserve it. We all owe it to ourselves to cherish a relationship that will last a lifetime.

So the next time someone new asks if you'd like to get coffee or a fellow blogger reaches out to you to start a conversation...don't be afraid to say "yes." Take that as an opportunity to start a great friendship. :)


Spooktacular Swap Goodies!

Happy Monday, lovelies! 
I have truly missed my little bloggy home while I've been away, but I'm back today with some goodies to show off! A few weeks ago I signed up for Jamie's Halloween swap and was partnered with Sara from A Dreamer's World! She's a sweet Minnesotan gal and has great taste in all things October 31st. ;)

Netflix and Sara's package arrived on the same day. How fitting!  
The adorably spooky card Sara wrote me. 
I wonder what haunted treats await...
Sara blessed me with a Halloween cupcake kit, Casper (such a great movie!), ghostly hand towels, a glittery sign that says "Spooky", a notepad, glow sticks, candy corn, ring pops (that turn your mouth black ;) ), fuzzy socks, and caramel apple pops (Josh's favorite Halloween candy). 

This package was seriously so fun to open! Thanks, Sara!


Friday's Letters/The Nail Files


Dear Future Baby Nix, 
You will NEVER be getting a pacifier. Ever.

Dear Eyebrows, 
Pleeeeease grow back already! I'm begging you! I look horrendous.

Dear Second Anniversary Trip, 
I can't wait for you! We can't decide what we're doing for you just yet, but we DO know it involves a fun little road trip.

Dear iPhone 5,
I love you. Your larger, crisper screen, your high-quality camera with panoramic capabilities, your much better speakers. You're just all around awesome. And your skin doesn't look too bad either. ;)

Dear Parks & Rec and Netflix,
THANK YOU! We've been waiting forever for one of our shows to add some new episodes and you've been keeping us good company this week.

Dear Autumn,
It took ya long enough. I'm always so impatient with your horrible punctuality (according to my schedule) and this season was no exception. Next year, show up on time...like, in August.

Dear Three Day Weekend/Chris Columbus, 
I have a feeling you and I are going to get a lot done in our long weekend together. Be prepared.

Dear Husband,
You. Are. Amazeballs. Thank you so much for all of the crazy things you do for me (i.e. trade phones when mine goes berzerk, take it to AT&T to get it fixed, and bring it back to me with a venti pumpkin spice while I'm at the apple orchard with the littles). I have no idea what I'd do without you. Probably die.

Finally grew my nails out again! 
Nicole by O.P.I. {Berry Sweet}


A First Blate

Happy Thursday, everyone!

A week ago Josh and I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting one of my blog besties, Jamie (check out her blog here) and her boyfriend as they drove through central Illinois. They were only staying in town for the evening before heading back to Georgia and we were lucky enough to be included in their road trip festivities.

We kept the night simple and sweet, since Jamie and CB had been driving all day. We met up at our apartment and drove together to downtown Champaign, otherwise known as the U of I campus. After eating a tasty dinner at Chipotle (Jamie's boyfriend had never been!), we walked to Insomnia Cookies - a hole in the wall bakery where they make cookies all.night.long. And get this...you can even get them delivered to your house...like pizza...in the middle of the night. And the cookies are delicious. This place is dangerous.

Jamie and I before dinner. 
After indulging in our warm, gooey dessert we drove to another bakery called Cream & Flutter to pick up some cupcakes (because I'd been told they were irresistible). We saved them for later and headed back to our apartment for drinks and games. Let me tell you...this was SO much fun. I'm pretty sure we laughed enough to burn off those cupcakes we hadn't eaten yet. Jamie and CB are so down to earth and silly, like us. It made the awkwardness of having a complete "stranger" in my home a little less weird. :)

Cream & Flutter 
The red velvet was nowhere near as good as Georgetown Cupcakes. 
We finished our cupcakes (they weren't that good, to be honest) and played a few more games before they headed out to catch up on some much needed rest before their long drive back to Georgia. And as soon as the door closed, Josh turned to me and said, "I wish we had local friends like that."


And that's how you know you've had a successful first blate. :)


Pay It Forward

I saw this thoughtful idea on Stormy's blog (which she found on Katie's blog) and I just had to get involved. 

Here are the details...

Pay it forward. 
  • Within 3 months I’ll create something unique to share with the first three people to comment on this post.
  • But, in order to receive your present you have to play along. Spread the love on your own blog promising to send a little special something to the first three people who comment on your post.
  • You get 72 hours (that's 3 days people) to re-post, or I’ll have to move on to the next person.
  • Please only comment if you’re willing to pay it forward!
Who doesn't love getting mail? Especially when it's "just because" mail! If you love getting goodies in your mailbox and enjoy spreading joy to others, be one of the first 3 to comment below (if you're a noreplyblogger, you're automatically out). 

I love you all and hope you're having a fabulous week. :)

Handmade With Love Review

Good morning, lovelies!

A while back I met a fellow military wife, Jamie from This is Me, Consequently (see her guest post for me here). She's mama to sweet Adelei and lives in Oklahoma with her family. 

I had seen her posts on the military wives blogging Facebook group and thought her Etsy shop, Homemade With Love, was absolutely adorable. She makes gorgeous charms, earrings, tutus, stationary...you name it. So when I saw that she was offering free shipping over Labor Day weekend I just had to order myself one of her gorgeous handmade charms.

I hopped on over to her shop and ordered myself a charm with a pearl and the date that Joshua and I met - June 28, 2009.

Within a day Jamie had the charm made and posted a teasing picture of it on Facebook making me even more excited to receive in the mail!

When I got in the mail a few days later (which is quick shipping if you ask me), Josh ripped it open before I could get to it! When I saw it I knew it was exactly what I was looking for - hand stamped and elegant.

The charm is about an inch long and silver with a bead attached at the top.
The chain is not included but I'm looking to buy one soon so I can start wearing this sentimental beauty.

Jamie also included this sweet note with a discount of 15% off my next purchase!

I always love supporting fellow military wives and I'm glad I was able to support Jamie as well. :)



You're trapped at the bottom of a ditch ten feet deep, and suddenly, someone starts shoveling all of the dirt back in on top of you. You lose sight of the sun and search for a rock or a tree root sticking out of the side of the earth - anything to get you closer to daylight - all the while, dirt and pebbles and grass are showering over you, bruising your forehead anytime you attempt to lift your gaze.

You eventually find a nook in the wall of clay surrounding you and start climbing. You're hopeful as you see the bright sun and blue sky above you, only to realize that the ditch has gotten deeper. Your progress is for not. Higher ground seems unreachable, another world entirely, and you're down in the dark, all alone.

"Escape is hopeless," your conscious repeats. You try to drown it out with thoughts of home, but the chilling voice of sadness overwhelms you.

The tears flow endlessly, filling up the ditch that has confined you. As the salty, muddied water rises, you flounder as you start to believe that your only option is to drown. You struggle against your tears for what seems like hours before you come to the revelation that the waters have reached the top of the ditch, overflowing, and that you've risen with them. 

Sunlight warms your back, drenched and cold, as you climb out. Weak from your endeavor, your legs give way underneath you.

A victory cry escapes your lips as you savor the green grass and blue skies stretching out before you.



Get Your Java On: A Coffee & Tea Lover's Swap

Hello, my loves! 

I know I've been a naughty blogger lately (what with 6 posts in 3 weeks or something like that), but please forgive me! I'm on my knees over here...even though you can't see it. Believe me - it's pitiful. 

To make up for my absence I've decided to host a little sum' sum'. Can you say "Swap-o-rama"???

There have been quite a few swaparoos going on in Blog Land recently, but one more won't hurt. Right? And this one's going to be good. I pinky swear. 

In honor of National Coffee Day...Welcome to the Get Your Java On swap!

Ready for the deets? 

The Goods
*In your swap package, include anything coffee or tea related (don't forget to ask your partner which she prefers!) and get creative! You could give an adorable mug, a bag of your favorite coffee beans, a witty magnet about not talking to anyone before you've had your coffee...You get the gist. 
*$15 minimum before shipping.

Saturday, September 29 - Saturday, October 13: Sign up below! 
Monday, October 15: You'll receive your partner's contact info in an email.
Monday, October 22: And they're off! Send your package by today.
Friday, November 2: Link up your reveal post here!

Nitty Gritty
*To participate, you must have an active blog. 
*Get to know your partner! When you receive your partner, hop over to her blog and say 'Hello!' After all, making new connections is what blogging is all about. 
*Please let me know if you live outside the U.S. Also, if you live in the U.S. but are willing to swap with someone not in the U.S., let me know!
*If you're unable to participate for any reason, please notify me right away. We wouldn't want anyone to end up empty-handed. Swaps are only fun when both parties get the goods.
*Spread the word! The more the merrier! I'd love to have hundreds of you gorgeous bloggers participate, but a few will suffice. :) Tell your blog friends to join in on the fun. Tweet it, Facebook it, blog it - whatever's your cup of tea. See what I did there?

The Reveal
*Show off your loot! Include pictures and descriptions of the goodies your awesome partner hooked you up with. 
*Include the button (below), a link to this blog, and a link to your partner's blog in your post.
*Link up here on Reveal Day!

Get Your Java On!


Adventures In Potty Training

Its story tim y'all. Buckle your seatbelts.

So...I'm going to the bathroom and Ava yells "I have to go potty!" and I hear her run to the other bathroom and slam the door. So I finish going to the bathroom and go to help her, when I hear a crash and a *plop*. I go in there and she's on the potty, toilet paper everywhere and she goes "Can you get it?" I'm like, "Get what?" and she points in the toilet...the whole roll of toilet paper AND the metal tube that holds it on the wall are all in the potty...covered in poop. So I grab Ava, dump her in the tub (since she hadn't wiped yet), and run to get tongs in the kitchen. I pick out the roll of TP and all 3 pieces of the metal tube (since it fell apart) and clean up all the poop over the whole toilet. Then I clean up Ava and tell her that what she did was very naughty and next time she should ask for help. And she says, "You need to go back to your house. You made me very mad."

HA! Oh boy...it's been a long day.


All Lacquered Up Reveal! & The Nail Files

Happy Friday, lovelies! 

Today I'm linking up with Meghan and Angela to show off my loot from the All Lacquered Up nail polish swap AND Tara for The Nail Files! 

All Lacquered Upd

My partner was Lauren from Talk of the Trains. She is such a sweet mama of one (and a bun in the oven). If you haven't heard of her, now you have and you should definitely say "Hey!" on her blog. 
Here's what she sent me. 

L-R: O.P.I. You Don't Know Jacques / O.P.I. Chocolate Moose / Essie Adore-A-Ball
I wish I had a picture of the polish on to show you, but my nasty nail-biting habit has returned (bad, bad Meagan) and the only thing I've been wearing this week is a top coat. I'll be sure to post a picture for The Nail Files sometime soon. :) 

Anywho, thank you Lauren, for the amazing polish. I can't wait to wear it and I'm so glad I met a new blog friend through this swap. 

That's all for today, folks! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. :) 


OHPW: Orange & Blue

This week is dedicated to Illinois. We bleed orange and blue, baby. 

Source: herroom.com via HerRoom on Pinterest

Source: polyvore.com via Meagan on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via Meagan on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via Allison on Pinterest


Life Lately

Hello, lovelies! 

I've been absent from the world of blogging for a few weeks, so I thought today we'd play Catch Up. :) 

August 31: Date Night = Dinner at Chili's and U of I women's volleyball game. We won! 

September 4-7: I had my first yoga class (read more about that here). Ava and Eli had nasty colds. Turns out Eli had pneumonia, poor guy was miserable the rest of the week. Long, long day. 

September 8-9: Josh and I spent the morning on a cleaning spree. And as I mentioned here, something very painful happened this weekend. Around 11am, my dad called and said that my brother's best friend was found unresponsive earlier that morning. An hour later, he called again to tell me that he was dead - two weeks past his 18th birthday. Josh and I immediately hopped in the car and drove 2 hours home to be with my brother. That night he asked us to take him to see one of his other friends play in a band, to keep his mind off of things. Needless to say, the weekend was filled with tears...and Chinese food. 

September 14: My employers are amazing. I've only been with them for a month and they've already recommended me to another family. I met with my employers' friend about a once a month overnight babysitting job and it went wonderfully. I start this upcoming weekend. Then Josh and I had a mellow movie night at home to wind down after a long week.

September 15: Josh surprised me with tickets to the Illini football game (thanks to a friend of ours in the marching band) and we enjoyed the morning at Memorial Stadium watching Illinois crush Charleston Southern. Afterward, we had lunch at Chili's (that 2 for $20 deal is too good to pass up!). Then Josh got his monthly haircut and we headed to the mall on a whim. We spent two hours at bareMinerals while I got a makeover and a lesson on all things make-up (more on that next week!). After that we headed to American Eagle so Josh could get some much needed clothes for fall/winter. 

September 16: We both got done up with our new purchases to watch some football at home. :) Josh grilled up some yummy cheddar brats and we enjoyed watching both of our Fantasy teams whoop some major boo-tay.

Whew! So...that's what's been going on with us lately. Thanks for sticking along for the ride. :) I hope you're all having a great week!