My First Shower

No...I haven't been taking baths for the past 21 years. I'm talking about a bridal shower! I figure I've been putting this off long enough. It's time to unveil all the wedding madness from almost a year ago! We got engaged on December 25th and sent out shower invitations January 7th, so when 50 people showed up for the shower I was blown away! January 29th, 2011 (seems like so long ago) was my first bridal shower and it could not have been more perfect. :)

**Sorry for the dark pictures. The lighting in the room wasn't very conducive to picture taking.**

This gorgeous balloon set the theme for the shower.
My best friend/maid of honor, Megan, and her mother/my second mother, Lori, threw me a beautiful shower. It was held at the golf club that Megan's dad works at and all of my (female) family, friends, and Josh's family were invited. It was so interesting to see everyone interacting. Kinda weird, but interesting.

Cute lipstick and make-up tissues were given as favors.
The delicious cake!
Me with my bridesmaid, Julie and Maid of Honor, Megan.
Megan calling Bridal Bingo.
We played Bridal Bingo where everyone had to answer questions about Josh and I. Some of the questions were:
1. Where did Josh propose?
2. What is the color of the bridesmaids dresses?
3. Where was Josh born?
4. What is the couple's favorite restaurant?
5. When is the couple's anniversary?

It was so funny to see what people thought the answers were! There was one question, Where did Meagan and Josh meet? and someone guessed HAWAII! Yep...sure...we met in Hawaii. By the way, that's where we went on our honeymoon (more on that later)!

My MIL, Cindy (center), her best friend, Nancy, and my SIL, Sarah.
Listening to Lori's devotional.
My mom (center) with two of her sisters, Dawn (L) and Connie (R).
Mommy and Lori. BFFs. :)
Mom and all of her friends from our church's small group.
Me opening presents.
I heart serving dishes.
My mom's friends thought it'd be hilarious to buy me lingerie! Needless to say, it was pretty awkward opening that in front of my mom and mother-in-law!
Then we ate delicious food, mingled for a little bit, listened to Lori's encouraging devotional, ate my FAVORITE cake (white cake with fresh strawberry filling and whipped cream frosting), and then opened presents. Let me tell you, hearing Lori's devotional and opening gifts for our new place together made me realize I just how blessed I am to have amazing family and to be married to such a wonderful man. :)


Faith said...

What a great shower! Looking forward to all your wedding recaps and of course those wedding pictures! :)

Morgan said...

That is so fun! And that cake sounds so good!

Nikki said...

I love wedding showers! How cute!

erika said...

Cute! Looks like fun. I actually never had a bridal shower, and I wanted one just for the cake! :)

KristaM said...

Just found your blog and a new follower :) The first line of this post made me chuckle! Bridal showers are such a special time in your life and you only get them once!

Stop by my blog sometime and I hope you have a happy holidays!


icedgurl said...

trekking your lovely blog!!! thanks for sharing and keep posting! Happy New Year!


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