Life Update


As I mentioned in my blog post earlier today, life has been pretty darn hectic for us. It's not that we've got a lot going on, but that the few things we do have going on take up every second of our days.

A Typical Day in My Life
6:00am - Wake up and get ready for work
7:30am - Leave for work
8:00am - Arrive at work and take care of the twins until...
6:00pm - Leave work
6:30pm - Arrive home, drop my crap, immediately make dinner, maybe throw in some laundry
7:30pm - Eat dinner/watch Netflix with Josh
8:30pm - Clean up the kitchen and prepare for the next day
9:00pm - Do some mindless pinning
9:30pm - Hop in bed and attempt to sleep

And on the weekends, we clean the apartment, cook a lot, grocery shop, and attempt to get things in order for next year. It seems like our down time is very limited these days and Thanksgiving weekend has been a very welcome break from the busyness. 

What else has been going on in our lives since we've last spoken? Hm.....

*We traded in Josh's QX4 and bought a 2012 Nissan Altima Coupe (post on that to come).
*We're currently fighting off a population of mice in our apartment. 
*We're formulating plans for Christmas/New Years (post on that to come).
*All of Josh's college applications have been submitted and we'll find out the results in 2 weeks!
*Josh has been to Fort Benning, GA twice this month. 
*And Twitter has been my only outlet for keeping people updated on random ramblings of our lives.

Lots of exciting stuff (to us). Things are falling into place, but keeping us busy. Such is life. 

So how have you been? Update me on YOUR life. :)


Take me back?

Well, Blogland...I've done it again.

I've failed you. I've let myself go. I've left you in the dust while Life and I have been speeding along this winding road.

I feel terrible for abandoning you and for giving you false hope time and time again that I'd actually post anything interesting (wedding/honeymoon posts, anyone?). But life is life and it comes before blogging, unfortunately.

There were many nights when I'd have an hour to spare and think, "Maybe tonight I'll write a blog post," and then I'd end up falling asleep on the couch, computer burning my lap, and completely forget what I was planning to do. And every time I remembered, I'd feel guilty that I've been neglecting the ol' blog and ignore it altogether for fear of posting something mundane or insignificant.

I'm sorry, dear readers, for letting my blog get shoved in the back of the closet and saved for "another day." I apologize and I hope you'll be able to forgive me. I've truly missed blogging and having this simple, yet loving community.

I'm here, if you'll take me back, and I promise to do a better job of taking care of my blog. So, whaddya say? :)