So...I know I've been blogging for a while now (almost a whole year!), but I STILL haven't figured out how to reply to your comments via Blogger. Because I have no idea how to reply, I just haven't replied to any of your comments (mean of me, I know) and that's very frustrating to me.

Do you know a quick, simple way to reply to comments on Blogger? If so, please share!!!


Corie said...

I don't know how either! I asked the lady who designed my blog, so if I figure it out I'll let you know!

Anonymous said...

You really can't respond to a comment except by making another comment, but you can respond to the email that you get if you have email notifications set up?

Corie said...

I figured it out! Blogger doesn't have it's own so you have to download a separate widget thing.. here's where I got mine: http://disqus.com/about/ it was really easy to follow :)

Mrs. Nix said...

Thanks, ladies!
Corie, welcome to my blog! I'm definitely downloading that widget RIGHT. NOW! =)

erika said...

Disqus and Intesnedebate both let you, I think. I just reply to people via email. :)

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