Friday Confessional

Happy Friday, Blog Land!
It's so nice to have Fridays off. I enjoy having a day to myself to clean and do laundry and blog. :)
I also love that Friday is Confession Day over at Dandelion Wishes!


I confess...That I'm super excited to participate in Clean Mama's 31 Days To A Cleaning Routine throughout the month of October. Can you say, "clean freak, much?"

 I confess...That I'm participating because I love to clean, but mostly because I've failed miserably in my  goal to clean the kitchen every night before bed.

I confess...That today was the first time I'd Skyped with a very close friend of mine since moving to Virginia! Bad friend. :( But we had a fantastic time catching up and chatting! :)

I confess...That I hadn't shaved my legs since Sunday...and when I shaved them today I only shaved up to my knees. Laaaaaaaay-zeeeeeeee! Sorry Josh, you'll just have to deal with the prickles til I'm not such a procrastinator.

I confess...That it was my turn to plan date night this week, and all I came up with all we have money for is watching Up In The Air (Netflix rules) and eating homemade clam chowder.

I confess...That I will hopefully, FINALLY be posting a home tour vlog (or pictures, who knows?) at some point today. #tookmelongenough

Got something you'd like to get off your chest? Hop on over to Dandelion Wishes for the Friday Confessional link-up!


Chell said...

Cleaning routine? No thanks... lol My hubby is the cleaner and laundry doer. I run the errands and cook. I do clean some... but he does the majority of it.

Reese and Leigh said...

Up In the Air is the best movie ever, purely because my husband is in it. :)

Mamarazzi said...

oooh i need to check out the clean mama thing. thanks for the link!!

thanks for linking up!! sorry i am sooo slow getting here, life keeps getting in the way!

OH, i also wanted to let you know that the My Happy List link party is moving to Tuesdays starting October 11, i would LOVE for you to play!

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